6 Alarm Fire

by iKGeezie | 4 months ago | 0 Comments |

He is the silent commissioner to some. The Methodical One: The Heartbreak Kid? One on a last second field goal to KOM Icon Jalen and on of a Hail Mary Pass by Kingsberry has left our Commissioner/Fireman ringless. 4 times he has reached the doors of immortality only to be thwarted at the end. The pain was such a burden that he left his once beloved Steelers and headed west to Green Bay in the heart of the Midwest. To our surprise what followed was more heartbreak. His search for sim style gameplay has now led the Gibler (and his new under lip ferret fur)far west to sunny LA with the Chargers to see if the change of scenery is what is needed to get over the hump. It just so happens that an old Rival is posted up in the division at Kansas City and a familiar type of cheese. Can the man once know as Mr. Fundamental finally get over the hump one play at a time. Or we he suffer thru another Madden of Nothingness. Only time will tell. But who truly knows what in the name of Madden is going on in that 6 inches of space between his ears.