Is it Time for a QB Change in Pittsburgh?

by steelerguy26 | 9 months ago | 1 Comments |

After starting 5-1 on the season the Steelers have dropped two games in a row where QB Mason Rudolph has looked horrible throwing 8 ints in those games and he was replaced in both by Josh Dobbs who gave the team some spark but was unable to help them get a win in either.

Rudolph started the season strong and leads the league in passing yardage but his decision making the last two games has been horrible. So, the question is it time for the Steelers to make a change at QB and go with Josh Dobbs? We asked head coach Gary Gains and this was his response.

“Hell no, Mason is our guy. He got us to 5-1 and leads the league in passing yardage. We will stand by him for the foreseeable future. I know he has made some mistakes the last few games but he is young and still learning how to play QB in this league and we have to allow him those growing pains and let him learn from them”

The Steelers will have a week to regroup now as they enter their bye week before returning to play the 1-5 New York Jets, 5-1 Titans and 6-1 Eagles then a division showdown with the Ravens who are currently 4-3 at the time of this article being written.