The battle of the buds

by Chris_75934 | 1 week ago | 0 Comments |

Colts vs Dolphins. 

Both of these teams are not expected to be playoff teams -at the moment- but this should be a good game nonetheless. Coach Gilles wants to shut down the Colts run game, and might commit to it. And he has the horses to do it. (Clowney, Kuechly) That means these colts need to take shots downfield with Parris Campbell and Hargrave. They can stretch the field and make those Corners respect the deep route. This Colts offense is unpredictable, so we will see what they have in their back pocket. This Miami defense is no cupcake squad. 

On defense the Colts need to put pressure on this young rookie QB, and show him different looks. He is young, raw, and inexperienced. And the Colts need to take advantage. What they should really worry about is Miami's Star runningback Kalen Ballage. Shut him down and the W should follow.

These Coaches have met multiple times before, and have a nice little rivalry going on, with mixed outcomes everytime. But we'd have to give the edge to coach Gilles. Coach Caiazzo is coming into this game looking for some bragging rights, and a W.