Boone Kiper’s Mock Draft XXXI 1.0 (Pre Combine 1-10)

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Pick Team Needs Player Pos School Analysis
1 NO QB, OLB, OL Edward Campion QB USF After Dazzling at the College season, Eddy C did nothing but cement his name at the top of most draft boards. Campion in most years would be the #1 overall pick but this happens to be the year where the team who holds that pick has virtually no needs and just went undefeated. The Saints only won 1 game all and its no secret the Saints have been more than underwhelmed by Drew Locks play since giving him his contract. With just 2 years left on his deal, he is likely on his way out of the door, Campion will be the next man up for NOLA. Arm strength, Accuracy, he checks every box. He is very likely walking out of draft with star or superstar dev. If he falls to 2, there is no way they pass on Campion.
2 WAS (from CIN) QB, TE, OL David Mosley CB Texas Tech Jack is a perrenial playoff team and somehow managed to turn a DE into the #1 overall pick. While I strongly believe he trades out of this pick because the value of Campion combined with his lack of need at most positions make this a great chance to take advantage of a team in dire need of top talent. If Jack stays Campion is in play because Jimmy G is certainly not the end all be all but, Jack has a track record of developing CBs and as a league CB is always a need for everyone. Mosley is my top Corner an a lockdown M2M coverage guy. All he has to do is run a 4.4 at the combine and he is probably the #1 overall pick. Washington does have other needs but they understand how supply and demand works, it will be a good pickup for them. 
3 IND DE, LB, OL Nicholas Samuels DE Utah State Samuels is the prototype for a dominant XCFL DE, big and fast. A speed rusher with B finesse moves and B- block shedding, and Indy hasn’t had a guy like that since Freeney. The building blocks of a good team, are pass rush, Corners, and a MLB. With Indy looking to take that next step Samuels looks like the most XCFL ready. 
4 CHI (from BUF) WR, OL Kevin Hill WR Purdue Gary T needs anorher weapon with Emmanuel Hall as he has a few guys looking at retirement. Hill's stock relies heavily on his Combine, he has real in game speed but will it translate to the pros? With B+ deep routes I am going on a limb by guessing a sub 4.4 speed and he will be a good pick up here for a Chicago team that would love some youth at the position. 
5 NYG HB, WR, S Joe Iglesias FS UCF Giants have a few needs all over the field but on a defense that ranked 29th against the pass and 30th against the run. Joe Iglesias would be a huge addition at just 6 feet even he brings a Bob Sanders like mentality with big hits. Bring him up for runs or let him patrol deep and light up WRs, he can bring an immediate impact on both sides of defense. Giants will be very happy with this talent and be happy with a great value in an early pick. New York fans need a hit at this point in the cycle if they want to turn this thing around as we are in the back half of the cycle. 
6 JAX QB, TE, LB Ian Mills TE Washington The Jags have a few holes and a tough time on field. There is no doubt that Grizzly needs a QB but there are a few in this draft so look for a game changing TE. Mills can be that guy at 6'6 235, perfect for a young QB. His Spec Catch is a B+ which means he will step on the field making big plays from day 1. Hines and Chark will work the air and ground but a TE will be a huge impact in the redzone. Look for them to target a guy like Mike Sanders, QB, from Penn State in the later rounds. 
7 BUF (from SEA) OL, OLB, S Shareef Brackett SS South Carolina The Bills roster is pretty solid, a little on the older side in some spots but overall solid. The safties are at the end of their rope and in this position Brackett the 6'2 monster is absolutely the pick for Buffalo. Out of the SEC, Brackett has the size to hit and the ability to drop back into zone. Lengthy defenders can make up for speed and with a B zone coverage, the Bills will look to improve on the XCFL's worst pass defense last season. Robert can turn this thing around with a handful of play makers on defense. 
8 ATL  OLB, S Jarry Chamberlain OLB LSU Chamberlain is an all around stud despite being undersized. Atlanta linebacker corps behind Deion Jones is pretty depleted and Jones is on the wrong side of 30. Chamberlain falling to #8 would be a gift for a Falcons team in a tough div with Kylo and Brian. Atlanta was a lowly 29th against the run which makes his B+ Pursuit and athleticism as a runstopper, a premium asset. No one on this team had more than 5 sacks nor no one had multiple fumbles force, if he falls here this is a steal. 
9 LAR DE, DT, OLB, S Jake Derby OLB Oklahoma St. The Rams have a multitude of problems and Boone has simply refused to get their act together. Derby is a solid edge rusher, who can go top 5 with a strong combine. LA has been a bottom 5 defense since Aaron Donald left the city. With two firsts you can only expect for LA to look to rebuild that same defense. 
10 CHI  WR, OL Khairi Hayden OT USF The man tasked with keeping Campion upright, Hayden is an elite level blocker who specializes in moving his feet. Boasting an A- PBF and B+ RBF he is perfect in a league which has so many elite pass rushers. Chicago also has a QB who can move a little, and Gary T would love a big guy up front. The Bears have the offense that can score, and Khairi's ability to both Pass and Run block will fit nicely in a gritty NFC North. 
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