Slims PEL coaches breakdown

by Slim_cracka | 3 months ago | 2 Comments |

In this blog I'm going to give my perspective on the users in the lg and what I believe they play like. There is a few I have not played yet so I can't give insight on this guy's other then streams I maybe have watched. Ok starting AFC East. Buffalo Bill's I have not played yet nor seen much stream on. I watched a little of one game where he looked to be very comfortable slinging the rock but outside of that can't comment much on him. Miami dolphins obviously a great competitor. Good user skills on defense, put together a strong dline. On offense he's well rounded at runs especially stretch and over outside runs. When he's not running he using the passing game to stretch the field. If you sit in coverage he will find holes. Gotta get some pass rush on him to disrupt his offense. Ny Jets as many already know he's a bring the heat defensive player. If he's not hitting home he can get burnt deep. Stacks the box and can leave wrs looking uncovered. On offense his passing to me personally is one of the best I've played this Madden. His ability to throw the deep ball is hard to cover because he does it so easily. New England Patriots, struggles with interceptions. Plays solid defense, but ultimately I think he doesn't play as much as most of us do. With more reps he could improve. NFC East Dallas Cowboys, I haven't played Will a ton despite being in the lg awhile but he's is sound on both sides of the ball. He's a grinder on the ground but Madden doesn't let him do what he wants. Not a typical lb user but I've noticed him doing it to put that hesitation on the oppositions passing game. His defense typically plays really well against me. Philadelphia eagles, shows glimpses of being really good, and other games it's like he's not focused. Makes good passes but also throws into alot of coverage at times. Nothing stands out on defense too much because I haven't played him but I think 2x in the passed 2 Madden's. NY Giants, well as it stands this Madden just give Barkley the ball to get an automatic 5 yards each time. Prolific passer streaks and crossers are his bread and butter. Usually a great defender, solid user skills, and I noticed in the Rams game much like the Jets he was leaving some wrs with nobody lined up on them as he was playing base coverage. I don't remember him playing like that against me so maybe it was just the type of style he was implementing against agape. Washington fucking Redskins, where to begin with Ragjobe. Old nemesis from my first entrance to the lg where he was the Texans. On defense he will bring different looks, mixes it up so it leaves you to pick it up what the coverage is. When I've had success against him it's been on the ground. But that's not to say he can't stop the run it's just however Madden is feeling at that particular moment. On offense he's good at identifying coverage and uncovering the holes. First Madden against him I'd say what the quick outs, flats, and play action wr wheel routes that he torched cover 4 with against me several times. But now he's more diverse on offense but heavier with the pass. AFC West Denver broncos new to lg have not played yet. Chargers, was previous Steelers so had plenty of games already against him. No shade intended but running a read option with big ben was odd to me. But recently seen him run the ball well with Gordon, doesnt take too many shots down field, just plays for the quick throws. Defense isn't terrible but could improve, nothing special to note as to what he really likes to do. Kansas City chiefs, obviously got the reputation of being one of if not best lb user lurkers. Being that good at it, it makes you hold on to the ball longer creating sacks and bad rushed throws. On offense he plays fearless. He will take several shots down field to keep you honest but will take check downs when needed. Can run the ball but is a pass first kinda guy. Oakland raiders, only played once I believe, up and down player. When he's on he's on, solid enough in both sides of the ball to win against anyone. But much like myself it's the consistency. NFC West San Francisco 49ers, may be the oldest user in the lg but has plenty of tread on his tires. He's a good runner, he will catch you napping if you think you have him figured out. He seems to do something different each game that will throw you off especially since we was division opponents last Madden. You think you know what he's going to do then he's in the end zone. His run game when on can really open up the play action pass. On defense he might lack in the ability to user lb often but like his offense he can and will catch you slipping. Arizona Cardinals, honestly haven't played mater much despite knowing him irl. But having seen streams he users well enough to create turnovers, and he has several weapons on offense. He will beat you deep, and run right through you. LA Rams, my boy agape, there really is no in between when be and agape have played. It's typically a blowout for one of us. He users his real football knowledge to dissect defense, as heard on streams, although we know Madden doesn't always translate to real football. And sometimes that can be what leads him in wrong direction. His offense usually isn't flashy, he takes what the defense gives and sometimes the defense gives alot. His defense was a got damn California King size blanket last game we played. He will man up usually cover 1 to protect the middle for the post happy guys and builds his corners to lock down the outside. Then when he knows you need to pass he's not going to take it easy. He gets those boys in kill the QB mode. Seahawks, no user. I will continue with the north and south divisions on a later date. Comment below if you think I'm accurate or a dumb ass.