Slims breakdown part 2

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AFC North

Cincinnati Bengals

Tristan's Bengals, as much as I would like to hate on Tristan, since he joined the league I've always thought he had the best pocket presence. Crossing routes in the early stages of joining pel was his go to. But now he's very diverse on his play calling and can beat you in multiple ways. He's increased his run percentage, even when he can't get his running game going. His user  skills on defense have gotten really good and you have to watch for the bait even though he's always saying he's trash at it. Even though we are in a tough division I feel Tristan has the best chance at dethroning Brown's as division leader. With the lack of season one trades it slowed his progress but did not stostop it as I've said before he is one of the best team builders in the lg. 

Cleveland got damn Browns

Reason I say got damn browns is because that 90 percent of my vocabulary while playing him. Ken,unlike many, makes extremely fast decisions passing the ball. It's near impossible to make him hold the ball long enough to get the pressure even when sending the house. He's obviously got football knowledge with his real life play time which most likely helps him pick apart the coverages before the snap. He makes stupid fast reads, and don't get me started on his run game. He can run right at a defender and  turn on a dime without having to use juke. He can bounce runs out or bounce out and back in making you look stupid . Not to mention he got Thompson and Hunt who literally well not go down on first contact. Keys to success against him is to talk to jets and or call ea themselves and ask for some help. Not saying he's unbeatable but could use all the help possible to beat him.. I promise I will get him atleast once before this Madden cycle is complete.

Baltimore Ravens

I will leave this blank in case anyone else wants to chime in. I will say that I play alot of ppl who tell me after the game that their to defense never plays that good ever. Glad I can help????

Pittsburgh Steelers

I have not played the new user yet. But from the one stream I saw, he struggled with running the ball. I feel he didn't mix it up well enough running 2 times for no gains for 3 straight drives leaving a 3rd and long its time to try a play action on first down or just pass the ball in general and try to keep the chains moving. I'm sure with more playing time in the lg he will get in a groove.


NFC North

Chicago Bear's

As noted by agape he is one of the most sim players in the lg. Great football knowledge especially defense. He's a grinder, will frustrate you by time management and methodically marching the field. And with his swarming defense, he can get you in a hole quick and force you to go through the air leading to mistakes. He builds his team in different way then the typical Madden player, he is not all about speed. He's all about getting someone to knock you on your ass.


Detroit Lion's

I was his first game in the league, and I knew from that game he was going to be a threat. His offense was extremely fluid, and he also had great pocket presence. I saw him make some incredible throws against the Giants in the playoffs that took time to develop but did not panic and take anything less than what he wanted. His defense is opportunist and if remember right he doesn't user just the lb. I look for him to give Packers a run every season from here on out and possibly when a bowl.


Green Bay Packers

Another nemesis of mine from last season division rivalry. Only beaten him a handful of times. Things I've taken away playing Boo Gotti. Gameplay is fast. The tempo in which he's atleast played me can get you off balance trying to keep up with him. He can be at his opponents one yard line and then be in the end zone in an instant, leaving your scratching your head. He's got the ability to run it down your throat or air it out for days. He absolutely killed me with comeback routes last Madden to Cooks, but has a wide array of ways to hurt you. On defense great user, he's another that will take ahold of the safety depending on what he sees on offense. I know he likes the cover 6 invert andcover 3 but then will throw in a little razzle dazzle and bizzle is on the grizzle. ???? lol . Ramon has team building in his blood, and taking draft picks you wouldn't take until later rounds, just off sheer terror of it being a possible bust, and they turn out to be the next MVP. He didn't win all the bowls he has for no reason. 

AFC South

Indianapolis Colts

Uzi plays with emotion. He can make plays on both sides of the ball but gets caught up trying to do too much in situations. Going after ints that take players out of the okay instead of making the tackle and forcing some throws. He's been trying to get his dline to his vision the cycle and I believe he's got it about right but now is when he needs to deliver the one two punch of Chase and Paco. 

Jacksonville Jaguars

Aaron oh Aaron, another old division rival from many Madden's ago, he's a thorn in my side. Never really had much luck against him until this Madden. What you get from Aaron in defense is man blitzing you because he got the secondary to keep up, slowing your passing up and your QB goes down. He has the most free blitzers come in untouched I've ever seen. So if you play Aaron prepare for heavy blitzing and lb usering like a crackhead looking for his crack. On offense double chark all game. Id let him beat me underneath all game before I let him moss another defender. Dude catches everything! He will throw in alot of play action to reel lbs in, plus he's had success with fournette. He utilitizes te specifically on out posts or a post up the middle. Watch the Texas route when you play him too. 

Houston Texans

Lee aka big main. You can never sleep on Lee. He's fundamentally sound on offense can make you pay in a variety of ways. He tends to be heavy on play action in past meetings but sets them up well. On defense his biggest downfall imo is when he users the free safety. 9 times out of 10 he cheats up in the box taking himself out of the play particularly on deep balls. 


Tennessee Titans

New user haven't played, based off one stream I seen, he passes up the middle alot. Against a good user he could have difficulties moving the ball. Defensively I didn't get to see enough to construct an opinion on it.



Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jeff is back in action. To all the ogs in the lg everyone would agree that Jeff is going deep all game. He goes for broke every throw and would rather throw a 60 yard Int then have to punt. However he's not a one trick pony, I've played him enough to know his tendencies and still get smacked. His runs in past Madden included outside runs which lead to his play action bombs. Defense will be interesting in the early stages of him coming back, due to the fact he hasn't got to build yet, and get the dline to all-star status. Curious moving forward how many trades will be made and how many draft picks he will accumulate. NFC south is definitely one of if not toughest divisions.


Atlanta Falcons

Only played him once and got lucky. On offense got to watch of for everyone especially his TE he got last draft. He's a big time vertical offense type of player. He will stretch you and then break a big run. On defense you got to pick up on his scheme. Against me he played the run hard especially first 2 downs. It opened up the door on a big okay action play over the top. He's a solid user on defense and will continue to be a threat in the division and the whole NFC.


Carolina Panthers

The boss of the PEL. Football knowledge that also sometimes doesn't translate well in Madden. However Matt is a chess player. He looks for tendencies to exploit. He takes what defense gives him and on defense mixes in everything possible. And if you ever seen him play he will use his depth and to gain an advantage in whatever situation comes up. Great drafter and team builder. The thing with Matt on offense is he can be a straight vertical passer or dink and dunk you. He's no slouch on the run either especially with McCaffrey in the backfield. 


New Orleans Saints

Haven't played or seen play yet. So no comment on him