Red Flags for the Dolphins organization.

by obiwanlopez | 2 months ago | 0 Comments |

The Dolphins sat down after taking their last beating of the year against the New England Patriots, to discuss their future. They all agree this has been their far worst season in the past 10 years. It all started last off-season where some moves where made impulsively.

Without blaming Derek Carr, who was decent this year, the team took a very high hit in cap signing him, which led the team on a cap deficit to fill some important spots at their roster. The draft was a regular one, with Jordan Shepard, D.J. Peek and Raheem Marshall being good players, but not mature enough to play the important role they had to, filling the spots where the Dolphins needed leaders, no young development players.

On the running game the disaster continues with the Dolphins not making more than 50 yards per game. Neither Niles Williams, Kallen Ballage or James Conner were up to the task of making the pass game a little bit smoother which led to a lot of interceptions on a unilateral Dolphins offense.

After a lot of talks Stephen Ross and Brian Flores come to the conclusion, something drastic needs to be done for the Dolphins to at least be competitive in all the games they play, and to be more even in both sides of the field. For some of us that sounds like a broken record, but we will see how it goes.