Air KJax Playoff preview

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Playoffs Season 2

AFC                                     NFC

1.KC CHIEFS                      1.GB PACKERS


3.NE PATRIOTS                 3.SF FORTY-NINERS

4.TENN TITANS.               4.NY GIANTS

5.DEN BRONCOS.            5.DET LIONS

6.BALT RAVENS.             6.BROOK BEATS


RAVENS (11-5) @ PATRIOTS (12-4) PATS -5

Ravens coming off a 7 game tear to get into the playoffs before losing last week in a nothing game vs Tenn.Baltimore is heading into the number 1 offence in the league where Pats Qb Baker Mayfield has anchored this potent attack.
pats had the opportunity to get the 2nd seed and a bye but in a crazy game against the Broncos they fell short.

Ravens run ends in another late game heart break.
Pats 35 Ravens 31

BRONCOS (13-3) @ TITANS (11-5) Titans -1

Titans finished strong to win their division.After going 15-1 last season with an Ot loss to the Jets in the AFC Champ game last season,the titans had to win their last 2 games and did after a being handled by the Jaguars late in the season.

Broncos are one of the most balanced teams with the 3rd best record in season 2.Defensively the Broncos can win with this unit alone but the trade deadline acquisition of Cam Newton has put them in the race to win it all.

We believe overtime will settle this game,and for a second straight year the Titans will walk away empty handed at home.

Broncos 24 Titans 21 OT



BEATS (10-6) @NINERS (11-5) Niners -4

Beats come into the playoffs with a following that resembles the SpyGate/DeflateGate Patriots of old.Love him or not the former commissioner is in the dance looking to upset season 2 and win it all.

On deck is his long time foe in the Niners who won the west holding off the Beats and the surcharging Seahawks.The biggest trade receiving Kyler Murray for Jimmy G has propelled the Niners to the most first downs in the league.

OSML FLASH BACK GAME OF THE WEEK will see the Niners hold off the beats with a 4th quarter rally.

Niners 28 Beats 23

LIONS (13-3) @ GIANTS (11-5) Giants -2

The best defence in the Lions rolls into the Big Apple on a mission.Tied for the third best record in Season 2 the Lions had an opportunity to have the number one seed but a late loss to the Falcons in week 16 has them thinking why if?

The Giants at mid season looked to be a lock as a number 1 or 2 seed in the NFC but have struggled the last 5 weeks and finds themselves hosting a wildcard game against a team in the Lions that are out for blood.

We like the Lions here .

Lions 31 Giants 17