The Road Thru the Years: AFC NORTH

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The road thru 7 years: AFC NORTH

A Brief Chronicle of 2019 through 2025. The ups and downs. Division battles, individual achievements. The moves that bring victory or defeat. The transformation of a league over 7 vicious seasons.


The AFC North has had a great cast of characters this cycle and most of the rotation was from the Steelers. The Browns, the old Browns, and the Bengals have been consistent with the same 3 owners from the start. Unless I’m wrong (it happens) Elder statesman woods in his mid 40’s has held his own vs upstart college grad meats, and young current college student Rowincuh and they have had some bloody battles. New Steelers owner MadBomber has one full season to show the afc North and the SML what he has before madden 21.




2019 Andy Dalton 3408yds 21tds 16ints

2020 Andy Dalton 1900yds 10tds 15ints D’Shonne Kizer 882yds 6tds 15ints

2021 Paul Sherman 2331yds 17tds 29ints

2022 Paul Sherman 2838yds 27tds 18ints

2023 Paul Sherman 2958yds 22tds 32ints

2024 Paul Sherman 2827yds 15tds 27ints

2025 Paul Sherman 3640yds 30tds 42ints

Running Backs

2019 G.Bernard No Stats available Joe Mixon 985yds 16tds

2020 Joe Mixon 1224yds 11tds

2021 Joe Mixon 1467yds 12tds

2022 Joe Mixon 1459yds 9tds

2023 Sydney Heyward 777yds 10tds

2024 Sydney Heyward 1009yds 9tds

2025 Sydney Heyward 446yds 6tds


2019 Tyler Eifert 877yds 3tds John Ross III 776yds 4tds Tyler Boyd 686yds 4tds

2020 Tyler Eifert475yds 1td Tyler Boyd 735yds 4tds Devin Funchess 505yds 4tds

2021 Tyler Eifert609yds 6tds Tyler Boyd 286yds 4tds Devin Funchess 518yds 3tds

2022 Tyler Eifert248yds 2tds Tyler Boyd 604yds 7tds Devin Funchess 837yds 7tds

2023 Tyler Boyd 900yds 7tds Devin Funchess 561yds 3tds

2024 Devin Funchess 603yds 2tds Maxx Williams 489yds 2tds Courtney Faulkner 473yds 1 td

2025 Devin Funchess 192yds 1tds Javontae Billingsley 1500yds 12tds DeDe Westbrook 787yds 7tds


2019 OLB Jordan Evans 54 tkls 3sks 3ints OLB Carl Lawson 23tkls 4sks 1ints CB William Jackson 32tkls 4int

2020 OLB Jordan Evans 27tkls 2sks int OLB Carl Lawson 38tkls 11sks CB William Jackson 45tkls 4ints

2021 OLB Jordan Evans 40tkls 4sks 1int OLB Carl Lawson 17tkls 6sks CB William Jackson 38tkls 5ints CB Maurice Telfer 33tkls 5ints

2022 OLB Jordan Evans 46tkls 1sk 4ints OLB Carl Lawson 27tkls 15sks CB William Jackson 25tkls ints CB Maurice Telfer 25tkls 4ints

2023 OLB Jordan Evans 45tkls 2sks 2ints OLB Carl Lawson 26tkls 12sks CB William Jackson 12tkls 2ints CB Maurice Telfer 37tkls 5ints Jessie Bates 30tkls 4ints

2024 OLB Carl Lawson 31tkls 13sksCB Maurice Telfer 38tkls 4ints FS Jessie Bates 41tkls 3ints SS Rock Ya Sin 52tkls 1ints

2025 CB Maurice Telfer 28tkls 3ints Daunte Fowler Jr. 24tkls 10sks FS Jessie Bates 40tkls 5ints SS Rock ya Sin 40tkls 2ints

Division record

Ravens 4-10

Browns 3-11

Steelers 6-8


No Playoff Appearances at this time

Notable Draft picks:

HB Sydney Heyward

CB Maurice Telfer

The Bengals have had one owner, Rowincuh, a good kid, in college and an always positive presence in the chat. The AFC North is a brutal division and despite putting together winning seasons and having good success, the Bengals haven’t been able to secure a playoff berth. They have made a combination of good draft picks such as qb Sherman and smart trades like Billingsley to build a potent offensive squad. Other decisions have been questionable, like trading Mixon, but that is the nature of the beast. This may not be the cycle for rowincuh but he is a young future star in the SML.



2019 Ben Rothliesberger 2564yds 15tds 33ints

2020 Teddy Bridgewater 3514yds 25tds 39ints

2021 Teddy Bridgewater 50yds  Josh Rosen 3784yds 38tds 14ints

2022 Teddy Bridgewater 888yds 5tds 13ints Josh Rosen 2726yds 16tds 21ints

2023 Josh Rosen 3516yds 29tds 25ints

2024 Josh Rosen 3366yds 25tds 22ints

2025 Josh Rosen 2710yds 13tds 38ints

Running Backs

2019  James Connor 676yds 6tds

2020 James Connor 489yds 5tds



2023 Cedric Ashmore 975yds 5tds

2024 Bryce Love 1312yds 16tds

2025 Bryce Love 541yds 3tds


2019 JuJu Smith-Schuster 993yds 5tds

2020 JuJu Smith-Schuster 1064yds 9tds

2021 JuJu Smith-Schuster 1175yds 6tds

2022 JuJu Smith-Schuster 787yds 4tds

2023 JuJu Smith-Schuster 1037yds 14tds

2024 JuJu Smith-Schuster 904yds 5tds

2025 JuJu Smith-Schuster 1009yds 5tds


2019 Ryan Shazier 48tkls 3sks 3ints MLB Devin Bush 35tds 2sks LOLB TJ Watt 34tkls 6sks

2020 Ryan Shazier 40tkls1sk 2ints MLB Devin Bush 68tkls 3sks 3ints LOLB TJ Watt 27tkls 7sks 1ints

2021 Ryan Shazier 44tkls 4sks 5ints MLB Devin Bush 54tkls 3sks 7ints LOLB TJ Watt 28tkls 4sks LE Redmon Blackwood 11tkls 4sks

2022 Ryan Shazier 35tkls 1sk 2ints MLB Devin Bush 34tkls 1sks 1int LOLB TJ Watt 25tkls 6sks 1int LE Redmon Blackwood 24tkls 8sks

2023 Ryan Shazier 42tkls 4sks 3ints MLB Devin Bush 59tkls 4sks 6ints LOLB TJ Watt 23tkls 10sks 1int LE Redmon Blackwood 21tkls 12sks

2024 MLB Devin Bush 50tkls 7ints LOLB TJ Watt 31tkls 3sks LE Redmon Blackwood 19tkls 10sks

2025 MLB Devin Bush 48tkls 2sks 1 int LOLB TJ Watt 34tkls 5sks 2ints LE Redmon Blackwood 15tkls 3sks



Division record

Browns 6-8

Ravens 0-14

Bengals 8-6



No Playoff Appearances at this time



Notable Draft picks:

LE Redmon Blackwood

CB Lynn Glover


The Steelers have had a laundry list of owners from Axtion Jaxson, Busdriver? Seals, and now the one and only MadBomber.  Supposedly a big sensation in the Primer the Bomber has leapt onto the Sml scene with a lot of high quality content at a stage in the madden cycle when most people are burning out and falling off. A clear asset to head into madden 21 with, the madbomber looks ready to explode in the SML for good.





2019 Lamar Jackson 2734yds 15tds 18ints

2020 Lamar Jackson 2733yds 25tds 17ints

2021 Lamar Jackson 2166yds 21tds 17ints

2022 Lamar Jackson 2370yds 31tds 7ints

2023 Lamar Jackson 2289yds 21tds 16ints

2024 Lamar Jackson 2399yds 29tds 17ints

2025 Lamar Jackson 1651yds 17tds 16ints

Running Backs

2019  Justice Hill 1060yds

2020 Justice Hill 677yds 4tds

2021 Justice Hill 409yds 2tds HB Freddie Golden 1486yds 17tds

2022 Justice Hill 347yds 5tds HB Freddie Golden 1616yds 15tds

2023 Justice Hill 205yds 2tds HB Freddie Golden 2033yds 26tds

2024 Justice Hill 93yds 2tds HB Freddie Golden 1553yds 16tds

2025 647yds 3tds HB Freddie Golden 2337yds 32tds


2019 WR Miles Boykin 734yds 3tds TE Mark Andrews 483yds 5tds WR Marquise Brown 717yds 3tds

2020 WR Miles Boykin 578yds 7tds TE Mark Andrews 463 3tds WR Marquise Brown 1085yds 13tds

2021 WR Miles Boykin 219yds 1td TE Mark Andrews 230yds 3tds WR Marquise Brown 1232yds 11tds

2022 WR Miles Boykin 304yds 2tds TE Mark Andrews 491yds 3tds WR Marquise Brown 546yds 9tds

2023 WR Miles Boykin 278yds 2tds TE Mark Andrews 246yds 2tds WR Marquise Brown 1396yds 15tds

2024 WR Miles Boykin 869yds 10tds TE Mark Andrews 181yds 1tds WR Marquise Brown 993yds 12tds

2025 WR Miles Boykin 550yds 3tds WR Marquise Brown 554yds 5tds


2019 Earl Thomas 38tkls 9ints CB Tayvon Young 17tkls 2ints DT Michael Pierce 19tkls 5sks

2020 Earl Thomas 25tkls 6ints CB Tayvon Young 20tkls 4ins DT Michael Pierce 19tkls 8sks

2021 Earl Thomas 22tkls 10ints CB Tayvon Young 30tkls 5ints DT Michael Pierce 23tkls 6sks

2022 Earl Thomas 29tkls 2ints CB Tayvon Young 32tkls 4ints DT Michael Pierce 16tkls 5sks Lolb Lorenzo Carter 52tkls 9sks 4ints

2023 CB Tayvon Young 33tkls 9ints DT Michael Pierce 25tkls 11sks Lolb Lorenzo Carter 45tkls 6sks 4ints MLB Gary Johnson 43tkls 2sks 2ints

2024 CB Tayvon Young 27tkls 3ints DT Michael Pierce 24tkls 1sk Lolb Lorenzo Carter 41tkls 5sks 5ints MLB Gary Johnson 25tkls 3ints

2025 Lolb Lorenzo Carter 35tkls 14sks MLB Gary Johnson 55tkls 3sks 6ints

Division record

Browns 10-5 (win in playoffs)

Bengals 10-4

Steelers 14-0



2019 loss to Colts

2020 Loss to Jets

2021 win over Chiefs Loss to Colts

2022 win over Bills Loss to Colts

2023 Win over Browns Loss to Bills

2024 No playoff info available, probably loss to Patriots

2025 Loss to Bills

Notable Draft picks:

DT Cameron Boone

HB Freddie Golden

Meats has been with the league for a long time. He makes cool graphics and took the reins of a strong Ravens team this season. A madden bowl contender level roster out the gate, meats enhanced the team drafting some offensive linemen and stand out half back Freddie Golden. Meats is a co-host of the only live sml live streaming show.  He has several super-bowl appearances as an announcer. Maybe this is Meats season now that Konk is gone.



2019 Baker Mayfield 3615yds 27tds 22ints

2020 Baker Mayfield 3520yds 30tds 20ints

2021 Baker Mayfield 3109yds 20tds 27ints

2022 Baker Mayfield 2962yds 16tds 21ints

2023 Baker Mayfield 2933yds 20tds 21ints

2024 Baker Mayfield 2988yds 30tds 23ints

2025 Baker Mayfield 2752yds 26tds 17ints

Running Backs

2019 Nick Chubb 906yds 10tds Kareem Hunt 610yds 6tds

2020 Nick Chubb 891yds 10tds Kareem Hunt 689yds 4tds

2021 Nick Chubb 942yds 14tds Kareem Hunt 412yds 6tds

2022 Nick Chubb 734yds 10tds Kareem Hunt 158yds 1td HB Joey Foreman 289yds 2tds

2023 Nick Chubb253yds 2tds HB Joey Foreman 283yds 3tds HB Larry Wyrick  849yds 9tds

2024 Nick Chubb 452yds 5tds HB Joey Foreman 102yds 1tds HB Larry Wyrick 869yds 6tds

2025 Nick Chubb 114yds 0tds HB Joey Foreman 1466yds 14tds HB Larry Wyrick 411yds 5tds


2019 WR Jarvis Landry 1125yds 6tds Odell Becham Jr. 1246yds 14tds

2020 WR Jarvis Landry 680yds 3tds Odell Becham Jr. 1783yds 18tds

2021 WR Jarvis Landry 629yds 4tds Odell Becham Jr. 1287yds 11tds Sean Bullough 59yds 1 td

2022 WR Jarvis Landry 685yds 4tds Odell Becham Jr. 989yds 5tds Sean Bullough 79yds 2tds

2023 Odell Becham Jr. 1369yds 11tds Sean Bullough  161yds

2024 Odell Becham Jr. 1101yds 10tds Sean Bullough 668yds 7tds  Lamarcus Whitworth 323yds 3tds

2025 Odell Becham Jr. 727yds 8tds Sean Bullough 632yds 8tds Lamarcus Whitworth  523yds 5tds



2019 DE Myles Garrett 41tkls 24sks CB Denzel Ward 28tkls 2 ints

2020 DE Myles Garrett 47tkls 25ints CB Denzel Ward 41tkls 2ints

2021 DE Myles Garrett 35tkls 22sks CB Denzel Ward 30tkls 5ints

2022 DE Myles Garrett 43tkls 30sks CB Denzel Ward 39tkls 10ints

2023 DE Myles Garrett 46tkls 34sks CB Denzel Ward 25tkls 10ints MLB Ezekiel Parks 38tkls 13ints

2024 DE Myles Garrett 51tkls 25sks CB Denzel Ward 29tkls 5ints MLB Ezekiel Parks 29tkls 6ints

2025 DE Myles Garrett 51tkls 37sks CB Denzel Ward 31tkls 10ints MLB Ezekiel Parks 39tkls 9ints

Division record

Ravens 5-10 (playoff loss to Ravens)

Steelers 8-6

Bengals 11-3


2020 Playoffs loss to Jets

2023 Playoffs loss to Ravens


Notable Draft picks:

LE Shanard Vaughn

SS Jaden Chamberlain

WR Sean Bullough

HB Joey Foreman

MLB Ezekiel Parks

WR Lamarcus Whitworth


Woods has had some ups and downs this cycle with the Mighty browns, from contending with division rival Meats to the erratic play of Baker Mayfield. The browns however have been a drafting machine. Picking good players that made talented veterans tradeable which in turn became more talented players while keeping the cap low. The Browns have the personnel game figured out.  In addition Woods is an excellent chat presence and all around liked member of the league. He looks to end the cycle with at least one Simbardi.