Turmoil in Tampa

by regalauthority | 1 month ago | 0 Comments |

Storms are brewing in Tampa. After consecutive playoff berths the past two seasons, Bucs fans held high expectations going into the 2024 NFL Season; however, it seems that Kyle Allen's ability to thrive in Sean McVay's high powered passing offense no longer exists. The man who could throw 8 interceptions in a game and still emerge victorious is now just a memory. Though, not all of Tampa's issues are attributed to Allen's struggles, an insanely difficult schedule to begin the season may be the primary reason that Tampa is looking like their former self,  back when  Jameisn Winston was driving the bus. After getting their ass handed to them by Jacksonville, their face smashed in by San Francisco,  and their ribs shattered by New York, the Bucs seemed to have given up hope. However, it may just be that Mcvay's four verticals and engage eight were figured out. Regardless of the reason, t is evident now that the Buccaneers will hold true to their name and  casually sail the waters of NRG until Madden 21 releases. Also F U Teddy.