Top 15 Players Traded in Season 1

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Top 15 Players Traded in Season 1 of Madden 21


There is nothing quite like the trades in season 1 of a Madden league. All of the eagerness to build a team, to make a move, or to garner attention culminate in the trading of various types of players. The reasons that a player is traded may vary from case to case, but they all seem to fall into a few categories in season 1. 


  • The Average player, big contract trade: This trade is made when a team that needs to free up some cap moves an average/quality player for picks/prospects. 

  • The Abundance of Riches trade: This is one of the more common trades in Madden leagues. This trade is where a user notices that he has more talent than needed at one position. This trade typically includes two teams with abundant talent at one position and abysmal talent at another. 

  • The “Juice Trade”- This is where a user looks at his team and says, “I’m tanking...but not really”. This trade typically looks similar to the two previous trades but are primarily geared towards the future. 

  • The College Fan trade- This is a trade that occurs because a user wishes to trade for a player from their favorite college team, just a college player they like. 


There are other reasons for trading but I’m running out of ideas. I considered a “Panda trade” but those just happen and have no real signs. In this article I am going to look at all the rosters and tell you my top 15 players who are likely to be traded in season 1. 


  1. John Ross//WR//Cincinnati 

Let’s all be honest with ourselves for a second, was there any other way to start this list? The Rossy has become a staple of the NNFL and I’m sure that Dakkid will try to keep the tradition going. On the Cincinnati side there are now several quality WR prospects, and AJ Green. AJ Green makes more sense as a trade option, but it’s not as exciting as a Ross trade. 

  1. Melvin Gordon//HB//Denver or Kareem Hunt//HB//Cleveland or Todd Gurley//HB//Atlanta

For anyone who has moved, or has tried to move a HB you know it can be difficult. Most teams have at least one HB that is worth a damn. To hammer home that point all the 3 of these backs come from teams with two quality HBs. All of these guys have short contracts which makes them much more appealing, but I doubt that all 3 get traded. 

  1. Melvin Ingram//EDGE//Los Angeles C.

If we are going with the historical approach then this will be a Bosa trade instead of an Ingram trade. Either way I expect to see a Chargers EDGE player traded. Ucehnna Nwosu is another option, but if possible I am sure the Chargers user will try to move the oldest option. 

  1. Sammy Watkins//WR//Kansas City

The Chiefs are going to be working with about $3.50 in cap space in Madden 21 following the Mahomes and Jones deals. This cap constraint will undoubtedly lead to a few moves with the intent of clearing cap. One of those moves will be the trading of Sammy Watkins. 

  1. Carson Wentz or Jalen Hurts//QB//Philadelphia

As an Eagles user you’ll be faced with a decision, and there are a few ways to handle this. First, you could decide to trade Wentz and clear some cap along the way. Issues with this are that he is clearly the better QB at the start of the league; not to mention Wentz can last the entirety of the league. Second option, you could decide to trade the rookie Jalen Hurts who has some nice athletic traits but a weak arm. Lastly, you as an Eagles user could keep both QBs and decide who leaves at a later date.  

  1. Dante Pettis//WR//San Francisco 

The 49ers, as I have mentioned previously, have a few solid receivers and a couple of projects as well. Eventually someone has to go, and I think that Pettis is a good option due to his contract. Kendrick Bourne and Trent Taylor are other options, but they lack the trade value that Pettis has. It is a bonus that Pettis is a Washington alum, there are some who value that. 

  1. Yannick Ngakoue//EDGE//Jacksonville

As I mentioned in the “Worst Teams” article I said that Yannick Ngakoue was the odd man out, and now I will be going into more detail. With a 1 year pro Josh Allen, and a rookie K’lavon Chaisson there is no need to keep Ngakoue. If this were a situation where one of the rushers had a lot of strength then you could likely keep all 3 effectively; however that is not the case in this situation. 

  1. Avery Williamson//LB//New York J.

The Jets have a deep off ball linebacker group, but one of the vets need to go. This could be CJ Mosley or Blake Cashman as well if the user decides to trade the younger guy. 

  1.  Robby Anderson//WR//Carolina

Robby Anderson just arrived in Carolina this offseason, and it could be that he leaves in the first year of Madden league. The Panthers have DJ Moore, Curtis Samuel, and Seth Roberts and any of those players could be traded instead. Curtis Samuel or DJ Moore have the highest value, but are also the youngest of the group. 

  1. Matthew Ioannidis//DT//Washington 

In their new 4-3 defense 1 of their 3 great DTs has to go. In this situation I chose Matthew Ioannidis for a couple of reasons. First, he has been traded a few times in our league already; and the other reason is because he is slightly older than Allen and Payne. 

  1. Mike Hilton//CB//Pittsburgh 

In a situation similar to the Washington situation, the Steelers have 3 quality CBs and one likely needs to leave via trade. This trade trio is older than the trade trio in Washington, but I still think that it is likely that one is moved. 

  1. Jadeveon Clowney//EDGE//Worm’s Team

If he can’t select the team that Clowney joins, whether by actually signing or FA draft, you had better believe that Worm will try and trade for him. 

  1.  Levi Wallace//CB//Buffalo

See # 11. but younger. 

  1.  Trysten Hill//DT//Dallas

The Cowboys have a lot of DTs, and Tristan Hill is the youngest of the bunch. The youth of the DT group won’t take a big hit due to the recent selection of Neville Gallimore in the NFL Draft. 

  1.  Ben Burr-Kirven//LB//Seattle

Sully did it last year, and I think he might do it again. Ben Burr-Kirven is a linebacker that I like, a lot. He is fast, young, and well...that is about it. Nevertheless, Burr-Kirven should be a popular target for trade discussions. He is worth about a 7th and maybe an extra 6th in the following year. 


Before you say anything, yes I do have a problem. Some people do heroin, and some people imagine every possible trade for each team in the NFL. Although, a heroin addiction might’ve been a better habit to pick up in terms of my weight. I should throw out a disclaimer, you are in no way obligated to make any of the trades I mentioned. This is just a fun little exercise I decided to do.