Rolling with Royce: Week 2

by rollsroyce13 1 month ago


Game of the Week: Browns v Ravens

  • NYT surprising a lot of people wit that 27-13 win.


Upset of the Week: Colts v Jags

  • With the Colts 27-24 loss, the question remains, is it Prime it was it Luck?


Blowout of the Week: Falcons v Seahawks 

  • If Tiny can bear Lawyer, the NFC South is guaranteed to be won by the Panthers. Seahawks 24, Falcons 7.


Week 2:

Game of the Week: NYT in back to back GOTW? You best believe it! Some people may know know Oktoba (Koopa), but let me tell you, this dude can play! Him getting the Texans is great, especially for people who wanna watch Prime lose! I know NYT pulled out a win against Woods and I doubted him. Will the Texans move to 0-2 or will the Ravens prove me wrong once again? As you can tell, I’m rolling with Oktoba! Texans 31, Ravens 21. 


Upset of the Week: QB, I am sorry but even you told me, you gotta deal with Hill and Hardman. There is no way that Chargers secondary can keep up. Chiefs barely pull out the win, 38-35.


Blowout of the Week: I don’t know what happen with Blunt in week 1 but now he gotta play Meats. If he plays the same way, it’s game over by the end of the first. Ravens make it look easy, 45-7.

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