The Dog Days of Better League

by Esahc30 1 month ago

June 26th 2020 is a day that will live on in league history for years. This day brought on one of the greatest scandals in league history. Bryan Bullard, doesn’t hold a candle to the story that you are about to hear. 


I’ll start out this story by telling you about a man who went by HootHootHike or HHH as we call him. This man was a solid user in Better League on and off for the entire cycle of 2020, but would sometimes go missing after playoff losses or when questioned about his lack of communication in the chat. This man was not actually a man but more of a squeaky lesbian if you will, but I’ll get into that later. 


Around the beginning of June, BL was getting into their last season of the playoffs and people were having some trouble focusing on playoff football as most of us were just ready for a new game, thus BLFC was assembled. This is where Daniel Rainone put on his tinfoil hat and started talking crazy. 

Dan Rainone on HHH-


“We were playing BLFC, fun times. In the party were myself, Lucky, Connor, Justin, and Ocho. 


So we’re just playing on our squad talking about random shit when the conversation goes to alt accounts, probably talking about Matty in Madden 19 or something like that. 


Ocho, out of nowhere, starts talking incredibly suspicious with his tone of voice and the way he was talking about alts. “Alt accounts? Hmmmm.” Is basically what he was saying. Then starts asking us what we would do if we had one, would we change our play style? Would you talk differently in chat?  


At this point, I knew something was up. I immediately thought to myself “who in Better League is an alt account that could be Ocho?” The only answer could have possibly been Hoot Hoot Hike, who was my division rival at the time. So literally during the FIFA game I searched up “HootHootHike” on Xbox, and had a sinking feeling deep down inside. I knew this was alt... zero friends, only played madden with limited time on each game. 


And the icing on the cake? 

Him and Ocho both had time on some obscure game called “Jack Box Party” I knew it had to be Ocho. 


It was after that match Ocho happened to hop off early, and everyone was still up for more games. Once we said goodbye to Ocho, I immediately broke my theory to the group, and everything was history”


This is the moment Dan began to lay out his theory. 





So that’s where this story starts to unfold. I was in and out of BLFC and I was kind of losing interest in Madden so I kind of brushed off the remarks of HHH being Ocho. I mean there’s probably a hundred BL conspiracy theories and typically they aren’t true. A couple days go by and I keep seeing people ragging on HHH to the point where he snoozes his notifications, at this point I start getting extremely suspicious myself. I started doing some major digging, I spent probably 4 hours of my life that I’ll never get back trying to break this thing wide open. I was searching everywhere for some kind of lead. I searched Reddit, Google, YouTube and started finding little trails of weirdness everywhere. My first hit was on Reddit when I found HHH’s account talking about selling MUT coins and how he had sold his site for profit a couple years ago (Ocho has bragged about this in the past) Then I got on YouTube and found a MUT streamer by the name “ThatVikingsFan” he had a special guest on his channel that day and of course it was HootHootHike. As soon as he started speaking I knew immediately it was Ocho, he has a very distinct high pitched voice. I copied the link and sent it straight to our commissioner and league founder Alex G. He was a little skeptical but was hearing pretty much the same thing I was hearing, this is when Better League Intelligence Agency was formed. We brought in a squad of about 10 guys and pretty much came to a unanimous decision that the “guy” was Ocho. We laid out all of the evidence and it was fucking stacked against this kid, of course this was all speculation so we had to get a confession out of him. 


Alex and I teamed up on how we would get him to admit guilt. We agreed that the best way to get it would be to lay all the evidence out and basically give him zero chance to weasel out of not confessing. We sent him a very stern message saying that he was busted and now was his time to come clean. We waited 5 minutes but it seemed like it was hours, finally Ocho’s little green light popped up in Slack and it showed him typing. His message read. 


“You were right, it was me. I honestly didn’t think it would take you all this long to find that video. I knew I fucked up when I mentioned the video and forgot that it existed.”


Holy fucking shit he came clean. He knew he was buried in it. Now it was time for a punishment. Looking back I think we regret not booting Ocho. He basically got a slap on the wrist because he makes content and at the time Cmass wasn’t producing like he is now. Ocho was banned from the playoffs which put a slight * on our final season, it really fucked things up. We had a play in game to see who would take over Ocho’s team and Ocho’s most bitter rival Ben won of course. There were few people who didn’t want to see Ben take Ocho’s Bucs to the SB and win one with them before Ocho did. That really would have been the icing on the cake but Ben came up just short. I asked Ben if he had any comments on how the whole thing went down. 


“It honestly did not surprise me at all. I think he should’ve been booted immediately. However, I thoroughly enjoyed knowing that he had to sit on the sideline as I made it to the final super bowl knowing he could’ve been there and wouldn’t have another chance to for several months”


So that’s the story on the death of HHH. I wasn’t looking for a funny slack command or a MOTY candidacy for writing this but just a simple way to remember one of the best CFM scandals I have ever witnessed in this league. Props to Dan and everyone else that helped bring HHH down. 


Fuck the Chiefs, but most importantly, Fuck Ocho



Closing comments from Alex G -


“This was definitely the most bizarre thing we’ve ever dealt with in Better League. That strange, little man should feel very fortunate that we showed a shred of mercy. 


I’d like to thank the Better League Intelligence Agency for their outstanding detective work. I’d like to thank the valiant efforts of Chase and Dan in bringing down one of BL’s worst offenders. Ochoke!”



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