Weeks 3 And 4

by DeQuan_Kush 1 month ago

Heading into week 3 we faced the 0-2 NY Jets. The Jets have got off to an underwhelming start, and Sam Darnold looked to be one of the key reasons for that. HC Frank Reich said in the days leading up, " Well without getting into specifics. We want to get after the QB. Sam has struggled in the first few weeks so we just want to have consistent pressure on the QB." And it looks like it worked. The Colts came out on top 29-7. Starting on the offensive side, we left tons of plays out there. Jacob Eason didn't have the best performance, and did end up throwing his first career interception. T.Y. was overthrown on multiple big passes, as well as Pittman on a big gain. Combine that with drops littered throughout the game, it made for 1 ugly win. As far as the defense getting pressure, well that happened. Deforest Buckner came away with 4 sacks, and multiple QB pressures. Installing himself as the Colts top pass rusher. After the game DBuck said," I'm just eating up the inside. First 2 games I started off slow, but ever since I started eating a second breakfast pregame I've felt better then ever." Looks like DBuck needs to keep eating pregame, to eat in game!

Heading into week 4 we take on the 2-1 Chicago Bears. Last season the Bears were one of the top teams in the NFC. And even making it to the Super Bowl, by going through top contenders in the Rams and Packers. This team is no slouch. The defense lead by Khalil Mack, Jacob Eason was in for his toughest game yet. Before the game Jacob said, " I can't wait to get out there and prove my worth. This is our toughest matchup so far in the year, and I want to go out there and dominate." Some great confidence shown by the rookie. Which is rubbing off onto everyone in the locker room. Ryan Kelly also worked out a contract extension. Signing a 4 year deal worth $50M. This was a massive deal, and the team,staff, and fan base are extremely happy this was worked out early into the season. Ryan is one of the best centers in the NFL, and is worth every Penny.

The Colts come out on top 34-29. Against a tough defense, Jonathan Taylor ran for 128 yards on 23 carries. Scoring twice and one time from 40 yards out! Jonathan Taylor said after the game, " I'm so thankful to be here, and to be drafted by this organization. I love the trust they have in me and I'll always grind it out for them." Jacob Eason had a great game, besides the 2 interceptions. According to HC Frank Reich. He blames the interceptions on him. Reich said, " You know Jacob played great. I put him in a difficult spot on those two interceptions, and I blame myself for that. They were bad calls which put out team in a bad position throughout the game. I just have to do better calling the plays next week." You love to see a HC stand up for his QB. Both picks coming as massive momentum changes in the game, so I can see why Reich says that. Next week we take on the Cleveland Browns. Another very difficult defensive matchup. Let's see if the Colts can keep this hot streak going.

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