New York Jets: What now offense?

by Anarin21 1 week ago

As we enter Week 15 of the MSPA season we envision a multitude of changes on the horizon for this Jets team. What started out to be a great start, ended up being what everyone envisioned for this team, bad football. So, what is next?

Joe Douglas was brought in as GM to shake things up and get this New York team back to their winning ways, and it has not been easy, as the roster is stocked with either aging players or inexperienced young talent, there is no middle ground here.


Sam Darnold is still being looked at as the future of the QB position, and he has the skills to be the franchise Qb for years to come, so we do not see anything changing there. As far as running backs, I am having a hard time seeing Bell or Freeman back in a Jets uniform right now, rumor has it that the Jets and Freeman are not even in the same ballpark on a contract extension.

The wide receivers are in a wait and see mode. They love Mims as the future at the position, and Perriman is serving as a veteran presence that can make big plays. Darnell Mooney was a pleasant addition to the team when Chicago opted to let him go. They are a raw group right now, but I see these group being a terror in a few years. Tight End is so-so, I do not believe the Jets are sold on Herndon being their go to guy. They gave him tons of looks and opportunities all season long, and he just has not produced the numbers. I can easily see them trying to upgrade this position in the off-season.

Offensive line is a disaster right now. Becton was drafted last year as the long term left tackle, and he has been beaten like a red headed stepchild all season. The rest of the group are either old or just not good, I see this being upgraded in the off-season. The Fant contract? Disgusting….

Coaching wise, if the offensive coordinator is still here after week 17, I will eat my shoe. The scheme does not fit the personnel. New York will undoubtedly go after someone that will help Darnold shine.


We have three games left until this season finally ends for this dreadful team. The Jets will have 2 1st round picks and tons of money in free agency to make a few signings. The record also isn’t a huge indicator of how close they fought most of these games, I see good things in the future for this side of the ball.


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