New York Jets: What now Defense?

by Anarin21 3 months ago

As we enter Week 15 of the MSPA season we envision a multitude of changes on the horizon for this Jets team. What started out to be a great start, ended up being what everyone envisioned for this team, bad football. So, what is next?

Joe Douglas was brought in as GM to shake things up and get this New York team back to their winning ways, and it has not been easy, as the roster is stocked with either aging players or inexperienced young talent, there is no middle ground here.


The defensive line was the strength of this team throughout the year. They spent the big money to get Harrison and Sheard to match up with youngster Williams, but the issue was pass rush. None of these three guys spent much time in the opposing team’s backfield even though they were pretty good and stuffing the run game. So, this one is easy to figure out, they need a pass rusher to go along with the solid front they assembled.

Linebackers were a mixed bag and can be lumped in with the defensive line. There were no outside pass rush threats all season long and teams were able to pick apart the young secondary, Willis was the best option at getting to the QB and he currently sits with 3 sacks on the year. Mosley has the team leading 6 sacks, and his come from scheme blitz packages. Not a great look. Outside of the obvious pass rushing issues, the LB’s played well in run and pass support. Blake Cashman was looked to at being the future of the position and he did very well in his 1st season starting. Depending on what scheme they go to next season (34/43), they may end up adding a pass rusher.

Cornerbacks were a product of youth and a bad pass rush. They have young talent to develop, but they were hung out to dry with having to cover receivers all over the field for long periods of time. The corp of Davis, Maye, Jones, Poole & Austin may not strike any fear into opposing defenses, but in time they will make more plays as the front gets better.


Coaching wise, I do not see the Jets bringing back the defensive coordinator. I think the pieces are in place to make a change to a better scheme. We will see… But I have faith this team can  be a top 10 unit.


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