The Final Game: For the Love of the Game

by Bv_Ares 8 months ago

Week 15,16, and17 are typically hotly contested weeks. The play-off race is on, and running at full throttle. Teams are vying for a play-off spot, while others are looking forward to a reprieve from the losses. For the majority, the post season is a mystical place all of the teams that beat you throughout the season head to. For those lucky or damned few who move onto the playoffs week 17 is either a cake walk, or an all out war. But for most, like myself, Week 17 is the closing of a chapter. For me, week 17 signals the opportunity to grow and develop my team. Sign free agents, and draft rookies, when I have picks. Week 17 is a signpost of the potential the future brings. I asked a few owners what it is like to play in a meaningless final game of the season? Why do you play? 

For some, it's the hope of gaining momentum that can be carried into next season with.


 I need to get better and the only way I can do that is by playing. Hopefully I can end the season with a win to try and carry some momentum into next season- Dave


Does this method really work? Can you carry momentum in Madden, when this is a Fandom fallacy in the real world? 


For others, Week 17 is a game for pride. I can get behind this reason and the logic behind it.


I play each and every game to win, regardless of my record. If you don't play every game to win, their is a list of men waiting for their opportunity to prove their worth.- Hammer


Playing for pride, and getting your game in, is a great way to stay in the league. If you leave the door open at all, someone on the waitlist will snatch it from you. The difference between this league and many... We don't just battle to make the playoffs, or win a championship. We also battle to keep our spot in the league.

In the final week of the season, some teams just look forward to ruining your season. I have played this spoiler before, cue Justin Larson Dashaun watson joke..... Ok but really. Who wants to see the world burn more than a guy just playing spoiler to a team that rarely makes playoffs anyways?


I'm competitive, I just wanted to win. I have had a pretty disappointing season, so winning the last game of the season would have been going out on a high note. Also wanted to spoil brackets chances at the playoffs.- Willinger


Sometimes the small, petty victories hold a lot of weight in a man's heart. The AFC has officially been put on notice, check your schedules and find a way to get a force win if you play the Jets week 17 and don't already have your spot clinched. A freak internet outage in Willingers area might help your chances. 


One team looked at it from a developmental angle. For them, it's about the potential XP they can gain by playing vs simming a game with no playoff hopefuls. 


Just trying to get some positive momentum to start the offseason. Someone can have a break out game and elevate their play going forward- Grizz


Is the potential XP enough to get you hyped for the game? What if you play the game, and don't hit the scenario? Would you feel like you wasted all of that time for nothing? 


 sometimes a ROTY...award. Hit a dev scenario. Or just to f*ck up someone's playoff hopes. Says Riot with a smirk. Or-if None of them is possible I just play if my opponent wants to. if he dont want and I don't play if it makes absolute no sense to noone- Riot


When playing for Dev points, Riot is not the guy you want to see week 17. Might as well ask for the sim. 

There's a hundred reasons to play the final game of the season. One last chance to hear the roaring crowd until next season. A chance to ruin someone's season, or boost your XP. But none more heartfelt than one owner's response. 


The close of a chapter, it’s the last time I will see some of those guys in Buffalo Bills colors. I try to play all the games I can, for both experience and that one or two plays that wow me. Whether it’s a big defensive play or a rare offensive play. I guess I view the game as hope for what’s to come..-Coach Morlock


Ultimately we play the game out of love. We all love the game of football. Despite its flaws, we all love Madden, and the community it has brought us. If it wasn't for the love of the game, would any of us really be here? 



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