Bengals history of GM turnover and its looming effect on Tyler Boyd and the WR group

by CaLquL8ted 6 days ago

Despite a history of team mediocrity at best, the Bengals organization has done well in one area which is having at least above average talent at the wide receiver position. From the Bengals all-time leader Chad Johnson, his then partner TJ Houshmandzadeh, to A.J Green, the time has come for the Bengals to decide on wideout Tyler Boyd.

In an AFC North division that features Tyreek Hill, Juju Smith-Schuster, DK Metcalf, and the increasingly dangerous and young WR group in Baltimore; it would do well on the Bengals for them to try to have some form of relevance on the outside.

During the front office turmoil that coursed through 3 different GMs within 3 seasons BEFORE Calq's arrival for the Bengals, their incredibly young and talented wideout Tee Higgins found himself on the trade block and sent elsewhere. Tyler Boyd was left to be the WR1 in Cincy, but his numbers have greatly declined since the 2020 season, and because each GM had their own coaching staff, and those coaches prioritized Boyd more or less in each of their systems, one could say Tyler Boyd's growth has been stagnant as a wideout. Last season, was by far the Boyd’s worst going into a contract year. After starting 16 games, Boyd has finished the 2022 season with a pedestrian 44 receptions, 674 yards and 6 touchdowns. However, considering the Bengals have seemed to resolve the front office hardship with the hiring of CaLq as team GM, and Tyler Boyd being under contract for one more season; could he make enough of a case for the Bengals to pay him a contract that is believed to be projected at 17.2 million per season at the age of 29 years old when that contract will go into effect?

If so, would it just be an example of the Bengals overpaying an aging wideout to avoid becoming inept at the receiver position?

If they do not extend Boyd, what is the way forward for Cincy at a position that the team has gotten right for the most part for so long? If Tyler Boyd is gone, the WR room looks like it will only be left with a still developing 24-year-old Joe Green. When asked about the possibility of headlining the wide receiver group at such a young age if Tyler Boyd is not on the team next season, he replied “I have full confidence in our front office to make those decisions. That is their job, and my job is to do MY job, no matter where I line up on the field.

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