AGS dundie awards season 17

by ValiantPax 1 week ago



Pax presents AGS 4th annual DUNDIES awards. Most famously found in the office, these awards are meant to be a whole lot of fun. 


“Grab your friends, grab your snacks

It’s time for the DUNDIES with Pax”






Assistant to the Regional Manager award

Being the coach's admin is no easy walk in the park. Coach gorilla has made an excellent choice as Assistant to the Regional manager here in AGS. Time for a promotion? We hope so!


Does it smell like it’s burning award

Despite the bengals going to two straight AFC championship games in the first two seasons, they have yet to make the playoffs the last two. It may be burning now but we think Mouthoff will pick himself up after this next year.


Whitest Sneakers award

For the first time, D’Andre Swift claimed the rushing yard title in AGS. Caught saying, “Ain’t no one going to touch these white nikes.” We knew this award belonged to him  


Golden State Warrior award

From growing his own superstar talent to trading for some of the best, Coach MHC has this madden GM thing figured out. 


Fine work award

INTEL DID NOT HAVE A LOSING SEASON. Thats some dang fine work right there. Next season? Playoffs!


Nickelodeon’s people person of the year award

When skittle streams, he has 15 plus people always watching. Why? Does he pay them? No! We pay him. He was made for the movies. 


Oracle of the year award

Knowing his time was coming, he foresaw one of the best rosters in the league coming free to the browns. Will he foresee a superbowl for himself as well?

Darth Leek

Best Salesman award

Coach Leek took advantage of many coaches this year. By far the winner of trade after trade Leek made some huge moves. From acquiring one of the leagues best young WR’s in Denzel mims, to getting one of the Best corners in Byron Jones, and grabbing OG Brandon Scherff, Leek balled out on trades grabbing big name guys.


Streaker of the year award

Is GOM getting this award because he has the best record in AGS? Or is it because he runs streaks? Even we don’t know the answer to that. 


Dolphin hater of the year award

Being a bills fan, FH1S was reluctant to take this team.. However after realizing he could trade all irl dolphins players away, he looks to have a busy offseason.


Hot or Cold award 

Maloney has seasons of hot and cold.. This was  a season of cold.. Which is bad news for the AFC because we predict Maloney will be hot hot hot next season.


Gunslinger award

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers: No update on contract, 'not a story there'

Despite Aaron Rodgers not being xfactor and 50 years old, Mcgee led the league in passing yards with Aaron Rodgers. McGee knows how to sling that rock.


Yeet award

It was written in the beginning of time that whoever has the blessing of the yeet, will indeed win more games then not. Since Coach Pax bestowed it upon Jerm, everything has looked up. To yeet or not to yeet.. That is the question



With Jacob Eason throwing for 50 touchdowns and almost 5k yards and having 3 1000 yard ball catchers with all 12 touchdown + AND a 1000 yard back with 10 touchdowns, Coach Pax knows how to move the ball on offense. 


User of the year award

Raise your hand if you have been victimized by a throw that seemed open over the middle by Coach Josh came out of nowhere to pick it off. He is one of the best users in the league.


Marshawn Lynch award

We asked Pirate to comment on this and all he sent back over and over and over was, “I’m just here so I won’t get fined.”


Don’t go in there after me award

Trading away some of his best players year after year, and then says he might retire… When Enigma goes to the bathroom, you best stay clear off that stall for a bit. 


Guitar hero player of the year award

If you're not running conservative carry vs tyrant, I don’t feel sorry for you. Becoming one of the more prominent coaches to understand the power of the Guitar Hero, Coach Tyrant has become almost unstoppable. 


I did it, Mom! award

The first thing Coach Dog did when he found out he made playoffs? When downstairs and hugged his mom and asked her if she was proud of him. Still waiting on a response.


Busiest Beaver award

Formally known as the “Bushiest Beaver” we all miss Smithy and his discord comments. Sure he is still around but we also acknowledge how busy he has been while moving and selling a house. Hopefully him and PTI make an appearance back soon.


Close but no cigar award

Coach Darkman is on the rise after some critical wins this season. One or two more wins would have inked his spot in the playoffs but unfortunately we are all caught saying, “Close but no Cigar”


DJ of the year award

Known for his sick DJ skills from hanging out with DJ KHALED (Bless up), Task continues to shine in the music he allows us to listen too.  


Came to late award

We are all happy to cynax back.. However it was a bit too late to make a playoff run. Come sooner ya gooner!


Britney Spears Award

Like Brittney Spears song, “Opps I did it again” Aphetto is back and winning again. Coming out with top hit after hit, Aphetto is in prime position to win the superbowl after retiring.

Just B

Defied the Odds Award

Just B finally did it! He won his last game and made the playoffs. As leader of “AGS PAIN ANONYMOUS” The fellow members cheer him on. The real question is will he continue to defy the odds through the playoffs?


Andrew Bernard Nard dog award

JoDaddy is the guy in the office that comes in and fist bumps everyone saying “GM”. Friendly on the inside, baller on the outside is why he gets this award. Tho should he get the award for world's greatest thief after stealing 4 million from his company… That's a real nard dog move!


Pain award

Many candidates were up for this award but Kuppa is by far deserving. From being riddled with injuries to losing close games.. Kuppa knows real pain. Hopefully his new internet will heal this pain.


Hottest man of the year award

I mean my gosh. Look at the beauty upon this man. Known for saying things like, “Don't hate me because I'm handsome, hate me because your girlfriend thinks I am.” and “It is a great plague to be too handsome a man.” I am excited to give this award to TOMMY T!


Wow player of the year award

My son. The day you were born the very forests of Lordaeron whispered the name..... Arthas.

I googled that quote. Sue me. If taste can translate his WOW skills to madden, the NFC will have to fear his name once again.


Graphic designer of the year award


The only coach to get more than one picture and you can see why. MG has the best skills when it comes to making us laugh digitally. Originally this was comedian of the year but I felt like this didn’t do him justice. We can all admit that MG is one of our favorites on the server. I for sure can.


Streamer of the year

Will the real Slim Zombie please stand up? OH! He did! What a wonderful season it was getting to see zom zom on the stream. This man was committed as one time I popped in and he was answering questions both on discord and twitch at the same time. We would all be better if we streamed like Coach Zombie! 

Flap Jax

Hardest Hitter Award

Ouch… OOF.. Pain.. These are the things I said after playing Flap for the first time. It felt like every play on offense he was literally pummeling my small players to the ground over and over and over. I feel bad for the NFC East having to play this twice a year. My RB got injured 3 separate times in this game… Flap knows how to lay the wood

Honorable mentions



Woody Nightmare award

We all feel like woody after long tenured coach Mustang decided to retire.. But like Andy moving onto bigger and better things, so has mustang. We await the day when he wants to play with us again.



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