Top 5 SS to Build Around in SPA Legacy

by Chris_75866 1 week ago

Top 5 SS to Build Around in SPA Legacy

Drum roll, please! We've finally made it to the last position in SPA Legacy. The strong safety spot is important because you need diversity there. You might run into trouble if you have just a coverage guy or just a run stopping guy. A truly great strong safety can cover RB's, TE's and slot guys while also being able to plug up holes in the run game. All the guys are this list can mostly do a little of it all and they're all young enough to groom and mold into absolute monsters.

There was definitely a little more intensive than the free safety spot because there was more options here. Ultimately it came down to 8 guys for the final 5 spots. The three that just missed the list are; Tyler Craig, Max Turk, and Chauncey Johnson. Johnson would have been the highest rated player had he made the list but ultimately his speed kept him off. No more waiting, here are the top 5 strong safeties to build around in Legacy.

5. Eric Rice

Eric Rice has a solid frame at 6'2 and 214 pounds, that puts him in the size range of some middle linebackers in the league. Size can be valuable at this spot because he'll probably put in spots to take on a blocking tight end or asking to come clog a hole in the line. He is a rookie so he still has 4 years left on his contract and he's seeing less than $2 million per season. His man coverage is actually really solid at 79, this is good for those times Rice is asked to come down and play coverage. Rice is only 23 years old and has a hidden dev trait, allowing him to gain experience at the maximum rate. The only downside I have for Rice is his speed, 87. It isn't the worst thing in the world, but he isn't a burner at all. He's solid and can easily be built up, I have Rice at 5th on the list.

4. Timmy Winter

Moe caught some flack for this pick at the time but he has managed to build Winter into a young talented strong safety. His acceleration is other-worldly at 95. He also isn't slow at 89 speed, he's one upgrade away from getting that up to 90 and putting him into another tier at the speed category. His zone coverage could be better but 75 isn't nothing to be ashamed of for a strong safety. His tackling is 79 and his hit power is 80 which are nice when considering all of the different jobs for the strong safety to do. I like Timmy Winter's potential and his base to start with. He's a 4th round pick, so he's dirt cheap as well. He's a little underrated to me, but Winter fits in nice at 4th on the list.

3. Grant Delpit

The real life player that made the list. Grant Delpit is an absolute dog. I really loved him at LSU, think he is one of the most dynamic college safeties of all time. In real life, his career is still young but he has flashed some serious potential. In SPA, he's been built rather nicely. He is 84 overall, which puts him at the top of the list as far as overall goes. He has serious coverage skills with 86 zone coverage and 80 man coverage. Tackling should also be considered a strong suit for Delpit, 85 hit power, 76 tackling and 80 pursuit. With all the jobs given to the strong safety, Delpit can do them all. His salary is also friendly with him seeing less than $5 million per season. That is a great price for a 24 year old, 84 overall strong safety. Delpit is the 3rd best strong safety to build around in SPA Legacy.

2. Terrence Wilson

Sharing my mother's maiden name, Terrence Wilson hits the list at number 2. Wilson literally has every thing you want from a building block position at strong safety. He is only 22 years old, making him the youngest on the list. Wilson is also a star, so he is seeing a bump in earned experience and he still has 3 years left on his rookie deal. If Wilson can get a dev oppotunity, I would have no concerns about putting him 1st on the list, but since he is a star, that kept him from the top. Wilson can do a little bit of everything, but his main strength is tackling. Wilson has 82 tackling, 82 pursuit, and 85 hit power. He's another big boy at 6'2 and 216 pounds. That's a deadly size for a man that can hit like he can. Terrence Wilson the number 2 strong safety to build around.

1. Dimitri Wesley

Dimitri Wesley hit number 1 on the list and quite honestly, it wasn't even close. He is the only superstar that made the list. He's also just 24 years old with 2 years left on his rookie contract. A 2nd round rookie contract. Wesley has 78 zone coverage, 79 tackling, 83 pursuit, and 80 hit power. Not eye popping at any spot but good foundations to build on. AS previously stated, a strong safety is crucial in stopping the running game. Wesley's superstar ability is Out of my Way. This allows him to shed blocks from wide receivers, tight ends, and running backs easily. Those are just about the only players that might block Wesley on a running play, so it's perfect for him and his position. Not too many young superstars are cheap contracts, that gave Wesley the runaway win in this one.

There it is, all the positions are completed. I had a lot of fun putting these lists together. It's fun to check out what other users are building their teams. These lists could also prove to be a source to those users looking for young talent to build around. Either you can get an idea of what makes good players in Madden or you can straight up look to trade for these guys. Either way had a blast doing the lists and I hope you've enjoyed.

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