POTW & Power Rankings - Season 40 week 6

by Prime-Time000 3 months ago

SML Week 6 Player Of The Week & Power Rankings 



The goal is simple. We want to recognize a player of the week each week of the regular season. Everyone always gives praise to the players who are dominating the league with their offensive skills, however we want to give praise to those who dominate the league on defense. Player Of The Week (POTW) is a defensive award. Each week DW will be handing out a POTW Award to the squad/team who allows the fewest points scored on defense against them. Simple right? Shut down your opponent for the week and receive praise from your peers while being honored for your stellar defense with an award. This award will be delivered weekly by Deathwish (DW).


***If there is a tie for the fewest points allowed by a team for the week, the first tiebreaker will be chosen by the team with the largest winning margin over their opponent. If a second tiebreaker is needed the award will go to the team that allowed the fewest total yards on defense.  


Season 40 - Week 6


Player Of The Week




The Seattle Seahawks (Tiny) won the SML Week 6 POTW Award by defeating the Kansas City Chiefs (Raider) 41-7. 


From giving one up last week to receiving one this week, Tiny brings home the Week 6 POTW Award by murdering Raider 41-7. The story behind this one, turnovers. Tiny did not turn the ball over one single time while Raider threw 4 picks with arguably the best QB in the game, Patrick Mahomes. Tiny’s HB Shonn Chisholm also went off of the day with 130 yards rushing and 3 touchdowns. Tiny I like seeing your name here in a positive way. Keep it up dude!


Congrats Dan on your first POTW Award of the season! 


Season 40 POTW Winners Total

Browns (Woods) 1

Broncos (Dan) 1

Dolphins (Pauly) 1

Giants (Rowin) 1

Jaguars (Bomber) 1

Seahawks (Tiny) 1


Season 40 POTW Losers Total

Bengals (TTS) 1

Chiefs (Raider) 1

Falcons (Lawyer) 1

Packers (MikeFML) 1

Seahawks (Tiny) 1

Steelers (KJ) 1


Previous Season Winners


Season 36

Browns (Woods) 3 Total POTW Awards Won


Season 37

Broncos (Dan), 49ers (Dump), Giants (Rowin), & Saints (Colt) 2 Total POTW Awards Won (4 way tie)


Season 38

Chargers (DW), Colts (Prime), Rams (RD), & Vikings (Fazz) 2 Total POTW Awards Won (4 way tie)


Season 39


Broncos (Dan), Browns (Woods), Rams (RD), & Vikings (Fazz) 2 Total POTW Awards Won (4 way tie)


Previous Season Losers


Season 36

Steelers (KJ) 4 Total POTW Awards Given Up


Season 37

Eagles (Klinke) 3 Total POTW Awards Given Up


Season 38

Bears (Figgs), Bills (Nole), & Jets (Latin) 2 Total POTW Awards Given Up (3 way tie)


Season 39


Bears (Figgs), Patriots (Matt), & Seahawks (Tiny) 2 Total POTW Awards Given Up (3 way tie)


Season 40: Week 6


Below I have my Prime-Time000 power rankings. The criteria used to create these rankings are as followed:  What is your historical success in the SML? Have you had an extended history of winning or just short term success?  If you have multiple winning seasons, you’re more likely to have some leeway - that said, if you lose a lot historically, you’re going to have to prove to me that you’re legit!!!  I will also consider: How are you doing right now? Have you had any signature wins? How about signature losses?  Let's take a look!


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