Any Given Sunday end of season Dundie awards

by ValiantPax 3 months ago


“A signature article in the land of AGS”


Pax presents AGS 5th annual DUNDIES awards. Most famously found in the office, these awards are meant to be a whole lot of fun. 


“Grab your friends, grab your snacks

It’s time for the DUNDIES with Pax”






Most Efficient Man of the year ward

Did you see Gorilla’s stats on mac daddy Daniel Jones? Gorilla knows when to take a sack and when to launch one deep. Gorilla has got the right idea when it comes to playing smart football. 


Get well soon award

News got out that the reason for a lot of one of our favorite coaches Mouthouff was MIA so much was that he had an injury this season. We hope for the best and hope he comes in full force next season.


User of the year

With Tracy Walker having a league leading 14 picks this year, it goes to show just how deadly Lord Soup can be. Don’t ever test his user. (Though, be sure he will test yours.. For better or worse) ;)


Tax Man of the year

You may be wondering, “Gosh, how does MHC continue to pay all his players?” Look no further. He embezzles the money gained from YOUR taxes into his own salary cap…

JK! This award is for being a great commish (Along with our other Commish and admins) and doing something in the game to make it more sim and a better experience for everyone. Thank you for being, “The TAX man” 


Rule breaker 

You guys remember that one week INTEL got x-factor Kyler Murray?? Intel will never forget. From now on, Intel is rule breaker #1 on admins list of players. #FreeMurray




close but no cigar

For the first time, we have a shared award.. All skittles and flap had to do week 17 is win and hope the others lose. Unfortunately they both lost and both missed the playoffs due to ping beating Lord Soup on a last second field goal. They were both so close to the playoffs, and so close at another shot at the superbowl… Maybe next year lads. 


King of the north 

Oracra, after barely missing out on the superbowl last year, decided he wasn’t going to play too many games in the regular season. Winning the division in the AFC North is no joke, but you got it done big dawg!

Darth Leek

Busiest Beaver

Coach Leek is back.. But was he ever, truly, gone? Despite retiring, Leek kept up with the league we all know and love in AGS. Like a sailor lost at sea, Leek came home and kissed the ground after his time away. 


Doomed one of the year

DOOMED. DOOMED I TELL YOU. Having one of the best teams year after year, maybe GOM has bought too much into his being doomed that he actually believes.. Affects his gameplay in the playoffs.

Gom, ask for the blessing of the yeet for season 6 and I promise you, good things will happen. 


Underrated player of the year

Despite having a record that shows otherwise, FH1S puts up fights with the big dawgs. Having many one score losses w playoff teams and even some wins over a playoff team, FH1S is our dark horse next year to make the playoffs in the gauntlet of the AFC.


Most improved award

Last year was a season of cold… this year a season of HOT! Maloney went from one of the worst records to a playoff team in the AFC (which is quite difficult in these parts). Channel your inner madden player and stay hot to win the AFC east next year. 


cutest red head in the office

McGee as we all know and love him is not one to back down from a challenge or calling others out. And even when he does so, he is still friendly after. You are the cutest red head in the office McGee


fine work award

After what seemed a horrendous start in the eyes of Jerm, he got back on the wagon and took care of business and won the south. It’s unfortunate he got the GODSQUAD ravens in the wild card, because he would have beaten anyone else. We are predicting season 6 is the time JERM rises to the top!


I play Defense? award

Everyone knows Coach Pax for his offense, but his defense has been on fire despite not having some of the top overall players at their respective positions. Ranking number 1 in yards not allowed, number 2 in pass yards not allowed, number 1 in rush yards not allowed, and number 2 in points allowed. This was a defensive performance coach Pax should be proud of. 


Guitar hero user of the year

Whether he strips you or hitsticks you into oblivion, Coach Josh knows how to hit you justttttt right in order to get that ball back. Who needs a good O when you're as good as Josh at doing this. 


Swiftiest Swiftie award

In the words of Taylor Swift, “I'm intimidated by the fear of being average.”

And so Pirate was on his way. Never to be forgotten. Rest in Peace. 


Bad boy award

Woo wee… This is a bad man.. Not caring much for disciplines, Enigma kept trucking and trucking and trucking his way through his schedule. You see coach Enigma in an alley at night, you better run. 


Falcon Master award

This is a very interesting award. If you look around at “MOST” leagues, a few years in, the falcons are absolute trash. One of the main reasons is cap and older players. Tyrant has done what “MOST” coaches wouldn’t have been able to, and that's to keep them rolling and competing at a high level. Tyrant, you are a falcon master. 


Give me a QB award

Coach Dog is still beating himself up after not going after some of the better QB’s. Year after year, Coach Dog lets us know his losses are mainly on Josh Allen. Will we see a new QB in Tampa come year 6?


Assistant to the assistant regional manager award

Smithy has done a fine job of being an admin since coming on board. He still has a lot to learn, but as a rookie admin, we are all proud of him. Smithy, keep up the good work and you make become “Assistant Regional Manager”


Not my mess award

Coach Darkman has a great game plan and is great on the sticks. However, he came into a mess of a jaguars team left by the previous coaches. Not able to get a good starting QB under center has been hurtful to his progress. 


Marshawn Lynch Award

Quiet in the chat this season, after coming out of retirement, Mustang is clearly saying to himself, “I am just here so I don’t get fined. 


Lincoln Riley’s Air Raider of the year award

Cynax girlfriend was overheard saying, “If you can’t win the MVP with Sam Darnold, then you and I are through.” Cynax heard that one loud and clear and never doubted what Sam Darnold would do this year. 


Whitest Sneakers Award

If you had to face Matt Breida this year, you know why he is getting this award. With 2,313 total yards and 29 touchdowns as a RB, this man defied all odds this season. (Including losing his QB, RIP) Not to mention, he was also the next in line running back to win MVP. Aphetto is King, as always. 

Just B


Humble in victory, angry in defeat. You better bet if you won against Just B, he was heading straight to the locker room and not shaking hands with you after the game. 


Andrew Bernard Nard dog award

Mike is the guy in the office that comes in and fist bumps everyone saying “GM” and pours them a cup of coffee. He may give you a tickle fight, or have some sarcasm every once and a while but deep down, he is everyone's favorite coach. 


Victim of the year award

Recipient of the pain award last year, we had to kick it up a notch this year. Kuppa has been victimized by madden this entire cycle. Time and time, penalties or dumb drops have plauged this titans team. For this, you are our victim of the year Kuppa. 


Just here for madden 22 award

After regaining a team late in the season and only playing one of his remaining 3 games, we all know Seymour is here so he gets a Madden 22 team. Just so he doesn’t get fined. Good thing he did, or there might be an AGS C league out there come Madden 22.


My brother ruined my season award

You guys remember when Taste started off the season 2-0 with huge wins over Mustang and Soup? What happened that caused him to no longer keep winning? MHC made him put an overlay on and the madden God’s decided that taste no longer would keep winning. Family can ruin everything sometimes...


M.I.A. award




MG we miss you. Grant us again with your hot takes and digital arts that crack us up. Missing in action in the game, but still number one in our hearts. 


Tank award

Now this can be taken two ways.. Obviously with the force losses and the number one overall pick, this could look like a tank award that way.. However, I want to bring attention to Josh Jacobs having 56 broken tackles.. Leading the league. Maybe if Zom Zom ran the ball more he would have had more wins and more of a desire to play the game. Rest In Peace zom zom :(


The Redeemer award

Taking over a squad that has had its woes over the course of Madden 21. Ping did the unthinkable.. And made the playoffs. Making the playoffs in AGS isn’t as easy as most other franchises and Ping proved he is better than most. 

Honorable mentions



Don’t go in there after me award

Tant was a guy we were all super excited about playing with. Until he realized he likes easier sliders and less competition. Much like Kevin when he goes to the bathroom, you don’t want to take over a team Tant leaves. Unless your Ping. 


Ready to Roll award

With a good attitude and a nasty game plan, Brock looks to take over the NFC west next season. Don’t let him fool you though, he may be nice, but his madden game is killer. Much like Ding, don’t let Josh and Gom beat you to the ground. Stand your ground and you might just make it out alive. 


Ding-Dong Award

Ding seems to be an OG AGS’er but I have no clue about him. For now, he will be known as ding-dong. Ding, I hope you dong your way into the playoffs this last season. Don’t let those bullies of the west take you down!


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