Coming Soon: The DaddyLeagues Companion App!

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Hello everyone! Today Daddy Leagues is excited to announce the next big project for Daddy Leagues. Daddy Leagues is always continuing to try to find new things it can add to improve your user experience. Daddy Leagues has kept quite while working on the next big thing for your leagues and did not want to say much until it was getting closer to being completed. Many customers have been asking for a mobile phone app for easier & quicker access while you are on the go. Apps for sure provide better user experiences while trying to access things from your phones which is where many people today access most things on the internet. So today , Daddy Leagues would like to offically announce that the Daddy Leagues Compaion App for both Android and Iphones will soon be entering an open beta in the coming weeks. This will be an open beta for now to try to work out any bugs and polish things up. The app will be an extension of your website , which will still be accessable from the web. The app will be available at no extra cost. 

In recent years Daddy Leagues has added many things such as the Draft Recap , Trade Console , made customizing easier without coding, Trade Calculator , made site more mobile friendly, as well as updated many features from the past just to name just a few things. Well today Daddy Leagues would like to share a few screenshots of the work that has been being done behind the scenes to let you see what DL has been hard at work on. Because here at Daddy Leagues we believe that actions speak louder than words. 


                      PLAYOFF PICTURE :








                   PLAYER SEARCH:




                         TEAM PAGE:




                     TRADE CONSOLE:



These are just a few screenshots to give you a taste of what is to come and to show you what has been being worked on. You can expect to have all the same functionality you have from your website but in the form of an easy access app. Trade Console, Trade Approvals, Stats, Power Rankings, Standings, League Leaders, Draft Recap, everything you are used to from your website! All Daddy League members will be able to access the app for free and all leagues that are hosted on Daddy Leagues will have their league access in the app included in their subcription to DL at no extra charge.

Once again Daddy Leagues is working hard to provide you with the best experience for your league & members as possible. Be sure your following DL on its social media accounts and have your notifications turned on , so you do not miss when the beta starts! Daddy Leagues would like to thank every single league and all members who continues to stick with us. We know there are other options , which is good to keep everyone innovating to try to improve even more. We thank you for sticking with us and we will continue to work hard to show why Daddy Leagues is the longest running Madden League hosting site there is and will be ! 


Butter 1 year ago

Looks good

Mrbungle255 1 year ago


Wixey83 1 year ago

Great news!

Rudy.brown.545 1 year ago

How do we get the beta

Bretty 1 year ago

How far away are we?

Geoflem 1 year ago

Yea glad to see your changing and listening to what your customers think would make you better. You have no competition so you could just sit pat but you've forged ahead. Kudos

NoFLCommish 1 year ago


Walt_94985 1 year ago

Still waiting ????

Walt_94985 1 year ago

Like when

Drosmoke84 1 year ago

is it out?

Dirtyface35 1 year ago

How long before DaddyLeagues app comes out

Mrbungle255 1 year ago

April fools?

Kleggs 3 months ago

Any update on the App?

A_smurfchambers6 3 months ago


Okckwiiiiik 2 months ago

ive paid money already. when is the app going to be ready

Papi83dm 2 months ago

Open a support ticket and we will set you up with the app

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