League Settings

Skill Level – All- Madden

Game Style – COMP

Quarter Length – 7 Minutes

Accelerated Clock – On (Min 25 Secs)

Practice Squad Stealing – On (Week 3)

Previous Play Information – Off

Gameplay Rules

NEVER play the CPU or an opponent on Auto, these are forced wins.

Previous Play Information should be OFF (Options > Team Settings > Visual Feedback)

Tanking is NOT allowed. See consequences below. Play out all 16 games of the season regardless of your record. Please see our “Got Em Coach” incentives below.

Draft Pick Limits: A max of 3 1st round draft picks are allowed per draft. For rounds 2-5, the limit is 4 per round. 

New owners must play 2 games before making any trades AND 1 full season before trading a 1st round pick.

Do NOT pull the cord or quit games. 2 game suspension for quitting games

If you are conceding in game, chew clock and let your opponent know.

ALL playoff games must be streamed by both teams via Twitch or YouTube *NO EXCEPTIONS*

24 Hour Incentive

If you play your game within the first 24 hours of advance and stream (must post link in chat) you will be eligible for a 1 point attribute upgrade for any player of your choice. (Does not include increase of speed, acceleration, agility and throw power) This rule will apply for weeks 1-17 and does not include postseason. Just to reiterate, you must play within the first 24 hours and STREAM/POST LINK IN CHAT to be eligible.

If you reach out to your opponent within the first 12 hours of advance and he is not available to play until the next day, you will be eligible to receive the 1 point upgrade. You must provide proof to Wilsonn22 or xROA-_- with a screen shot and time stamp.

Development upgrade incentive

Streaming is not mandatory in the regular season, however, we will now offer a development upgrade at the end of each season if you stream each game. Streaming games helps keep the league engaged/connected and provides full video proof Incase of a rules dispute. The incentive is as follows:

If you stream each of your 16 games week 1-17 and post the stream link in the chat, you will be eligible for one development upgrade at the end of the year (normal to star or star to Superstar - the choice is yours).

If you receive a forced win at any point, or agree to a fair sim with your opponent, you will still be eligible so long as the remaining games you played in were streamed.

We will not be rewarding those who give away forced wins. With that being said, we will allow ONE forced win to be given out and you will still be eligible. If you give 2 or more forced wins you will NOT be eligible for the upgrade.

We will do our best to keep track of the streams being posted, but please ensure your streams are archived on YouTube and Twitch Incase of a dispute.

Play Calling


Make sure you mix up your play calling. DO NOT run the same formations and sets all game.

DO NOT run Gun Monster formation, it is banned!

Roster Management

No more than 7 players at one position on your depth chart by Week 1 Regular Season (practice squad is not included)

RB cannot play at FB, this includes formation subs or on the depth chart

The only player position changes that are ALLOWED are the following:
Offensive Line = Can be moved anywhere within the offensive line
Defensive Line = Can be moved anywhere within the defensive line.
Linebackers = Can be moved to right, left or middle.
DEs may be moved to OLB
OLB may be moved to DE.

DO NOT move a DT to DE to OLB.

Make sure players are playing their correct positions on the depth chart and during the game. NO formation subs contradicting the above is allowed.

CB = CB on the depth chart
FS & SS = Interchangeable on the depth chart
OLB & DE = Interchangeable on the depth chart

4th Down Rules

Anytime 4th and 1 or less, you can go for it.

Anytime Down by 3 scores (17 Points or more), you can go for it.

4th Qtr Down by one score OR up by one score, you can go for it.

4th Qtr Tied Game with 5 minutes or less, Coach’s Decision

Anytime inside the opponents 5 yard line: Coach's Decision

Overtime: Play to Win


If you put a WR in motion, he must come to a complete stop before you snap the ball.
If the motion goes behind the line of scrimmage, the player must come to a stop past the opposite side tackle.
Do NOT motion a WR back and forth every play to see if your opponent is in man or zone coverage.

Only 3 hurry up plays per possession are allowed EXCEPT:
Unlimited within 2 minute warning
Unlimited down 3 possessions (17 points or more)

When punting, do NOT rugby or bullet punt trying to get the ball to hit the returner for a fumble.

Do NOT chew clock unless the blow out rules below are in effect.


ALWAYS rush at LEAST 3 players.

Do NOT drop DTs into coverage.

You may ONLY manually move 2 players before the snap.

Do NOT drop a man back on punt returns for an extra blocker. It does not work anyway, so please just patiently wait for the punt.

Blow Outs

Do NOT run up the score on your opponent or pad stats. We are trying to keep this as sim as possible.

If you are up multiple scores (9 points or more) with 2 minutes left and your opponent is not calling timeout, kneel the clock out. Continuing to run plays is considered padding stats. If your opponent calls timeout to stop the clock, then play ball.

If you are up by 40 points, please chew the clock. This will also help get the game over with, avoid a disconnect, and prevent players from possibly getting injured.

Onside Kick

If you are going to onside kick you must call the actual play. You may NOT try to squib up the middle when your opponent is in onside kick return because the game does not allow you to audible.

Punishments & Conclusion

Per Season:
1st Violation - 1 Game suspension (force loss)
2nd Violation - 2 Game suspension (force loss)
3rd Violation - Removed from the league

If you have ANY questions pause the game and notify the chat.

To submit a complaint for an infraction, video proof needs to be provided, so make sure you are streaming your games.

TANKING IS NOT ALLOWED! If you have drastic record swing you will be under review. If it is believed you tanked, your 1st round draft pick will be skipped.

If you suspect anyone of not following any rules or suspect any form of cheating, please notify someone via GroupMe.

If you have any gameplay issues or questions, make sure you stream your game to ensure there is gameplay footage. Post your link in the chat or tag someone to watch your stream.

Anyone interested in joining please contact the head commissioner: PSN: Wilsonn22 281-410-1306