NNFL - Madden20

League Mission Statement:

Welcome to the NNFL.  Entering our 10th consecutive Madden year, we’ve seen the NNFL evolve into a very successful community.  This league will not be suitable for everyone.  If you are looking for a controlled gameplay environment, this is not the league for you.  Bitching, moaning and complaining about your opponent’s play style after every loss will not be accepted.  Welcome to NNFL.

Requirements For NNFL Admittance:
1. You must be a mature adult 21+, and respect all other members of the community
2. You must understand that games will be simmed on occasion if schedules do not sync up, There will be no games played against the CPU.
3. You must communicate daily and use GroupMe to schedule games.
4. You should be available to play the majority of your games from 9:00 PM to Midnight EST every day, otherwise known as "Preferred Hours".

*Failure to comply with any of these requirements will result in dismissal from the league.  Depending on the circumstances, you may or may not be invited back.

League Communication:

All league communication will be centered around GroupMe.  If you don't use the GroupMe app, then you will not be able to play in this league.  It's free and it works both on your phone and on your computer.  Be active in GroupMe and you will know what's going on in the league and how to get a hold of your opponent.  If you are not active using GroupMe, you cannot play in the NNFL.

Members are not permitted to remove other members from GroupMe main chat..  If a member removes a fellow member, punishment will be removal of the offending owner from chat for a period of time.

League Rules and Regulations:


NNFL plays 9 minute quarters, with 20 second accelerated clock on All-Pro difficulty with custom sliders.

Gameplay in NNFL will be wide open.  This means that coaches can utilize their personnel and their play calling however they wish.  Want to throw 15 screens in a row?  That’s on you.  There will be no gameplay rules.  Whatever the game allows will be acceptable.  Just like in real life, you will have your own free will to call the plays you want and attempt to outmatch your opponent.  There will be no rules to complain about or to cause controversy.  It is an equal playing field for everyone.  There are no 4th down rules, onside kick or no huddle rules.  If the game allows it, WE allow it! 

Be respectful of opponent and gameplay style.  Remember that running up the score and excessively padding stats will be frowned upon by league members.


To avoid the overuse of a few select playbooks, all teams per conference will have to use a unique playbook. Custom playbooks are NOT allowed. Each Offensive and Defensive Playbook will be allowed to be used by TWO teams, one in AFC and one in NFC.  We will have a playbook draft in each season, including the first one, for those owners/users that wish to use a different than default playbook. The owner/user will declare that they are entering the playbook draft prior to the start of the season.  You may enter the playbook draft for either Offense, Defense or both.  An admin will compile a list of available playbooks to be view-able by the participants.  The draft order will be decided by Team Overalls for year 1 and the reverse order of the previous season’s final standings going forward.   All draft results are FINAL and you must use that playbook for the entire season it was drafted for.  Switching playbooks will not be allowed at any time between playbook draft periods. If you use the incorrect playbook once, you will have your starting QB suspended (required to be benched and not play) for your next two games.  If you do not bench your suspended QB as required, that suspension will increase by two additional games.  You will also be required to stream all of your games via Twitch or Mixer, and show which playbook you are using in the broadcast.  The required broadcasts will continue until otherwise notified by the Admin team.  If you deliberately use the wrong playbook again, you will be permanently removed from the league and will not be invited back.

You are now required to show your opponent your playbooks during the team selection stage before kickoff.  This will ensure that everyone is using the correct assigned playbooks.


As far as being respectful to your opponent, there will be no name calling, slurs or personal attacks made.  We all get frustrated and angry when playing Madden.  It’s impossible NOT to at times.  However, most, if not all, guys in this community have gotten to know each other well.  Treat them as you would any of your other friends.  There are no rules about running up the score.  You continue to play as you wish.  Losing by 3 or 30 changes nothing about the outcome.  Do not complain about someone returning interceptions if you continue to throw down 40 in the 4th quarter. 

League Schedule:

This league will operate on a 24/48 Hour HYBRID advance schedule, with base advance at 9:00 am EST daily.  We strongly encourage all members of the league to play games as quickly as possible, preferably nightly, so we can get in as many seasons as possible.  Everyone will miss games from time to time.  If 2 owners cannot work out a suitable schedule, and neither is willing to give a Force Win, the game will be a sim.  There is no possible way to determine whose schedule is more important.  If you are found to be avoiding opponents intentionally, you will be removed from the league.  If you do not attempt to schedule or provide notice to your opponent repeatedly, you will be removed from the league.
*Remember, this league is designed to move along.  No one is going to be able to play every game.  It is important to build and manage your team to compete in the occasional “SIM” game, because everyone will have to have games simmed from time to time.  This league is mainly designed to play each night after the advance.  If your schedule is not conducive to playing within the structure of the league schedule, then this league is not for you.  We would like all teams to be primarily available to play at some point from 9pm to 12 midnight EST.  We do not expect owners to be able to play every game. 

•    Advance Days – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
o    Advances set for 9am EST.

    Monday 9am – 24 hr
    Tuesday 9am – 48 hr
    Thursday 9am – 24 hr
    Friday 9am – 24 hr
    Saturday 9am – 48 hr
•    48 hour advances will occur over Tuesday/Wednesday and Saturday/Sunday, while Monday, Thursday and Friday will advance at a 24 hour pace. 

CPU Games:

NNFL does NOT allow CPU games.
We are no longer allowing CPU games to be played. Much like the Broadcast/Stream Requirement, this will help to curb the stat padding and limit the instances of teams abusing the A.I. in order to dominate awards and progression.  If both cannot schedule within the current advance period, please advise the Admin team and the game will be marked as a sim.

Force Wins

Force wins will only become a potential option under certain specific circumstances.  Not if one would rather play another game, etc. 

Examples of FW situations would be 1) if game disconnects with a clear winner late in the game 2) a scheduled time is missed by one party and can't be rescheduled (you have to try to reschedule).  3) Your opponent is M.I.A for the entire advance period and you have actively been trying to reach them. 4) Player A is only available for minimal time during the entire advance while Player B is available most of the advance and the game can't get played in that window.

FWs will not be given if schedules do not match up within the advance period,  If both players are available for roughly the same amount of time during the advance.  Example, If player A can only play day 1 of advance and player B can only play day 2 of the advance, this will be a sim.

Like always, the Force Win will have to be agreed to by both teams and both users will need to PM the admins to advise of the Force Win result. Only situations that do not require both users to agree are M.I.A opponents and opponents that missed a scheduled time and can't be reached/rescheduled.  You will be required to provide evidence of trying to reach your opponent and trying to reschedule.
If you will be going on vacation or have an extended absence, please notify the admins and we will assign your opponents the Force Win while you are gone. Force win requests must be submitted with reason for request and may be denied by admins.
Any games vs a CPU controlled team will be an automatic Force Win for the User team. The ability to receive a Force Win can be revoked due to any rules being broken.  If you are unavailable to play during a playoff game, it will be expected a Force Win is offered to opponents.  We will not have people sim through the playoffs without offering opponents Force Win chance.

Sim Injuries
Due to the greater number of potential sims, and the fact that EA Sports has problems managing injuries in sim games, we will be lowering our Injury Slider prior to the Weekly Advance. Current Injury Slider has been set to 15, and will be lowered to 5 prior to Advance. This way the chances of CPU demolishing a team with injuries will be reduced, while still not totally protecting a sim game from injuries, as played games are not protected from injuries. This policy may change as we get further into the Madden year.

ADMINS WILL NOT SET ANY USER TO AUTO, FOR ANY REASON.  This falls under the same idea as scheduling, it is 100% on the users. If you are going on a vacation or extended absence, and will miss the offseason, please set yourself to Auto and update your CFM settings, so the CPU can handle all transactions for your team.

Broadcast/Streaming  Required for All Games
We have decided to again require that all games be broadcast via Mixer/Twitch in the NNFL.  AWAY Team is default for broadcasting, if they cannot for connection purposes, the Home Team may broadcast the game. Broadcasts are required to be archived on Mixer or Twitch. Not archiving broadcasts will result in player suspensions determined by admins.

Primetime Games of the Week
Admins will select games for the season that will require to have URL links posted in the Scheduling Notification Chat on GroupMe.  These games will consist of the CFM scheduled Thursday, Sunday & Monday night games, as well as a selected choice game weekly for big match-ups and feuds.  For Week 1 and Thanksgiving Week, all the scheduled Primetime Games will be included.  In Week 17, admins will compile a list of all games with Playoff Implications, which will also be designated Primetime Games.

Game Disconnects

In the event that a game disconnects the following options are available for owners.

Replay - Obviously, this is the most common option time permitting.  If both owners agree then the game is simply replayed.

Sim a Win - A win can be assigned to a team if BOTH owners agree to this situation.  Both owners will be required to send a PM to an admin and agree to the result of the win assigned.  Admins will NOT assign wins.  This will only occur if BOTH owners have agreed.  Injuries do occur in these sim win games.  Forced Wins will only be an available option if the game has already been attempted to be played by both users.  They will not occur due to scheduling conflicts only.

CPU vs CPU View Only Broadcast "Sim" - Game can be "simmed" by one team going on auto pilot and the other team choosing to watch the game be played, but not call any plays and strictly watch it as a show.  If this option is chosen, the game must be only viewed from start to finish and is required to be broadcast.  Both coaches must agree to this option and admins are required to be advised prior to beginning game.

Advance Sim - Game will be simmed without a Force Win being given.

All games will follow this policy, playoff games will not be an exception.

Conceding games is not allowed.

Team Management:

PLAYER NAMES ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE CHANGED.  If you edit a players name, you will be required to change it back.

The following position changes are allowed to be made at anytime throughout the season.  If a player has position changed not outlined below, they will be required to be changed back to original position immediately.  Should that player position be illegally changed again, the player will be required to be released.

HB is allowed to be changed to FB or WR
FB is allowed to be changed to HB or TE
WR is allowed to be changed to HB or TE (TE only if 230+ lbs)
TE is allowed to be changed to FB or WR
LT, LG, C, RG, RT is allowed to be changed to LT, LG, C, RG, RT
DE is allowed to be changed to DT or OLB
DT is allowed to be changed to DE
OLB is allowed to be changed to DE, MLB or SS
MLB is allowed to be changed to OLB
CB is allowed to be changed to FS or SS
FS is allowed to be changed to SS or CB
SS is allowed to be changed to CB, FS or LB (LB only if 220+ lbs)
K/P are allowed to be changed to K/P

Anyone who makes a change to a player which is not allowed, will be have their ability to edit players revoked.  All player changes will have to be approved by admins if ability is revoked.

Free agents may be signed at any time.  You are permitted to sign a free agent during FA bidding and trade that player if you wish.  You may trade newly drafted rookies as well if you can strike a deal.

Teams eliminated from the playoffs are no longer permitted to sign free agents, as their season is considered over.

Player positions may not be changed multiple times weekly to exploit the progression system.

All teams are required to roster a minimum of SEVEN (7) Offensive Lineman per season.  Must have at least one backup T and one backup G/C.

Position Changes – Superstar & X-Factor Players - Restricted & Tracked
Madden 20 is introducing the Superstar & X-Factor Players with abilities that are very position specific. Since these could become overpowered if used at other positions, we have decided to limit position changes for all players with the Superstar & X-Factor development trait. These players will only be allowed to have lateral position changes (Defensive Line, Linebackers, Safeties & Pass Rushers based on 4-3 and 3-4 scheme). The elite of elite players do not change positions often in real life, and we will not allow it in the NNFL. 

* X-Factor Players are only allowed to be changed ONCE PER SEASON PER PLAYER. If you wish to make the change, you must PM an Admin and receive permission to make the position change prior to changing the players position. If a X-Factor players position is changed more than once per season, the player will be suspended for four games.   EXAMPLE - can move Xfactor Player from LE to RE, DT or OLB once, and may not be moved again until the following season.

* Superstar Players are allowed  a maximum of TWO PER SEASON PER PLAYER position changes.  If you wish to make the change, you must PM an Admin and receive permission to make the position change prior to changing the players position. If a Superstar players position is changed more than twice per season, the player will be suspended for four games.  EXAMPLE - can move Superstar Player from LE to RE, DT or OLB once, and can move back to original position or another eligible position once.  After these two moves, player may not be moved again until the following season.

Due to populer demand, we have decided to add a new feature to the league which will allow each team to "re-roll" player abilities for ONE player per season ONCE. Teams may select ONE X-Factor Superstar OR Superstar player that will be allowed to have position changed cycled ONCE during the Draft Review period following the Rookie Draft, and not have it count against that Seasons Position Change restrictions. Prior to making the change, user must PM admin letting them know what player they will be using.   

No other non-rookie X-Factor or Superstar players will be allowed to be changed by teams during this time, other than the one "Re-Roll" Player. If any other non-rookie X-Factor or Superstar players are moved during this period, that player will have their development trait lowered one tier (X-Factor to Superstar / Superstar to Star) AND will be suspended for the first 8 games of the upcoming regular season

During the Season, if you cut a player you must wait until the next advance before you can re-sign that player.

All teams in the league MUST maintain a 53 man roster throughout the course of the season.  If you have to put someone on IR, then you must sign a FA to fill the roster spot.  If you play your game and you are under the 53 man roster, you will face a four game suspension of Top Offensive Player, determined by admins.  A second offense will result in additional players suspended and extended suspension. A third offense will result in coach firing and severe player suspensions.

First round draft picks CAN be traded, including during the season and offseason for players & draft picks but not during the live draft when you are permitted to only trade picks for picks. First Round Picks CANNOT be traded in back to back seasons.  If an owner trades their First Round Pick or acquires a First Round Pick (current or future seasons) in any way during the season (picks only or for players), you are not permitted to acquire additional or trade your First Round Pick (current or future seasons) in the current season or the following season under any circumstance. You are not allowed to acquire First Round Picks in consecutive seasons.  All trades involving First Round picks must be submitted to Trade Admin, so they can be properly tracked.

Trade Rules

Trading is permitted, but each team owner will be limited to TWO player trades per season (preseason, regular season and offseason) and unlimited picks for picks trades during the draft. (We will allow draft day picks trades to be carried out prior to the draft if you are unable to attend the draft itself).  Your trades can be used at any time the game will allow.  Unused trades may not be carried to the next season. Trading with a CPU owned team is not allowed.  Trade count will be reset when we advance to the next season preseason.

New Member Trade Restrictions

Since we have had recent issues with new members making big trades and then leaving the league, we now restrict Five Players and first round pick from being traded by new users until their first full season is complete.  The five players will be designated by the admins and cannot be changed unless there is a career-ending injury or retirement.

Here is How Trading Will Work:

Owners will negotiate the terms of their trades in private, please do not use the public chat. You may use the public GroupME chat "NNFL Trade Block" to post your trade block and what you are looking for, but not for open negotiations with another owner. Once an offer has been negotiated and agreed upon privately, BOTH owners will submit the trade terms to  TheSteve3811 or another admin via pm on GroupMe for verification. As soon as the trade is submitted to the Admins for approval, it will be considered OFFICIAL unless BOTH teams decide to back out of the trade or it is rejected by the Admins. We will no longer be voting to approve trades, we will instead be verifying  that you have not used up your trades. We will no longer evaluate the trade based on perceived value (unless ridiculous in nature), but verifying that you are able to complete the trade within the guidelines set forth in the trade rules. We will also not restrict the number of teams involved in a trade. Just know that each team can not have more than 3 players being received or sent away.  In multiple team trades, each team must be receiving something of value (e.g., you can't combine trades by having two teams swapping picks in the same round).  Three-team trades can be rejected if it is deemed as not required to be a multi-team trade by design. When you send in your trades it is very important that the trade makes sense, so be diligent in the way you format the trades you send in. Here is a template you can use:

Team 1 Receives:
Player A, QB, Team 2
Player B, RB, Team 3

Team 2 Receives:
Player C, TE, Team 1
Player D, CB, Team 3

Team 3 Receives:
Player E, LT, Team 1
Player F, RT, Team 2

Trading While Draft is in Progress:

When it comes to the draft you are not protected, so it is suggested that you leave the draft if you are not attending to your team. (e.g. making your picks) If you are green during the draft you are considered fair game for trade offers and whatever happens as a result of it, is what it is. You may NOT trade with the CPU during the draft and all trades during the draft must be of the Picks for Picks variety.

*If you are trading draft picks (rounds 1-7) other than on draft day you will use “Draft Pick Round #” in place of the player format. Trading for draft picks during the draft will be handled differently because they will be happening on the fly while the draft is taking place. Trading during the draft is unlimited, but trades can only be of the pick for pick variety.

** Please remember to consider contracts, cap hits, and cap penalties before you submit trades. Make sure that you have the room under your cap to carry out the trade. If it is deemed that one of the parties can’t complete the trade due to any reason, the trade will be canceled and the owner who is at fault will be penalized one of their trades.

***Completing trades on the console with CPU teams and/or without verification will require an automatic reversal and loss of the trade and you will be responsible for any cap hits that were incurred. Furthermore, you will also lose your next available trade.  Repeat trade offenders will lose multiple future trades.

Contract Length Restrictions for Player Re-Signing and Free Agency
We have seen a trend of issues we wish to correct regarding player contracts in the NNFL, which we hope will lead to an increased level of excitement and involvement in Free Agency and Player Movement, along with the improvements the developers have promoted for Madden20.  Please find details of changes below;

• Player Re-signing
o Contract Extensions of 6 & 7 years will not be allowed, unless player requests in contract negotiations, and picture of screen detailing player salary requests must be provided to an admin prior to signing any player for any 6- or 7-year extension. Any contracts exceeding 5 years without proof of player request, will have the full financial value remain the same but the contract length reduced to 5 seasons.
• Free Agency
o Players can only be signed to One Year Contacts during Stage 3 of Free Agency. This will prevent the monster 1 Year Contracts for top players, which have adversely affected the Free Agency Stage for several Maddens now. Should a player be signed to an illegal One Year Contract during Stage 1 & Stage 2 of Free Agency, that annual salary & bonus term will be multiplied, and the contract will be extended to a 5 Year Contract. All remaining Free Agents are eligible to be signed to a One Year Contract in Stage 3 of Free Agency.
• Cornerstone Contracts
o In order to still provide long term flexibility to teams and the chance to lock up key players for the duration of the league, each team is permitted to sign ONE player to a 6-year contract per season. The Cornerstone Contract will not count if a player is requesting a 6- or 7-year deal in negotiations and proof is provided to the admins via picture of Contract Requested screen. This applies for ONE Cornerstone Contract Per Full Season (Regular Season & Offseason). Like trades, they cannot be carried from one season to another, use it or lose it. This will be tracked and recorded like Trades. If you sign a player who has requested a contract length of less than 6 years to your Cornerstone Contract, you must notify an admin of your intention to sign this player, and we will track it as your one Cornerstone Contract of the Season.


If you quit a game you will be permanently removed from the league and will not be invited back.  If you quit the league because you are angry at losing a game, you will not be invited back.

Recruiting Bonus – Development Trait
We want to keep the league full and always have names on our Waiting List to fill spots that open up. As a bonus to the users who successfully refer quality members to the league, we will be rewarding Player Development Trait bonuses under the following conditions; Starting once we begin Season One… if you refer a member to the league and they last a full season with 90+% of games played and no discipline issues (no exceptions), you will be rewarded a bonus of one Development Trait bump up for one individual player of your choosing. You will be able to take one player from Normal to Star ONLY.  We will not allow players to be upgraded to Superstar or X-Factor due to the new abilities of Superstar and X-Factor Superstar Trait players in the game per season. Each player will only be allowed to be assigned one bonus, once player is assigned bonus they will be ineligible for additional bonus upgrades. This will be managed and tracked by the Admin Team.

League Administrators