OFG - News: Trojan Explosion II.

by DaaVeedLooEece | 8 months ago | 0 Comments

Nearly 15 years have passed since 21-year-old Southern Cal RB - Reggie Bush fell like manna from heaven to the New Orleans Saints. Fast—Forward to the present, and former Southern Cal RB - Ronald Jones II seems to be a similar blessing but this time for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

No player can likely make the kind of splash that RB - Reggie Bush did 15 years ago. Although, it seems as if Jones II may have missed that memo; Jones II has made a humongous splash thus far in Season - 33 for the Buccaneers.

Jones II currently leads OFG in Rush YDs (651 YDs) and Rush TDs (9 TDs). "He's averaging 9.6 YPC," said Tampa Bays' Owner. "He's an explosive football player.” Jones II is nearly averaging a ‘First-Down’ every time that he touches the football. 

Tampa Bay (2-2, 1-0) enters W6 coming off of a BYE and plays host to the New England Patriots; New England's Defense currently ranks 31st (154.4 YPG) against the Rush. Look for Jones II and the Buccaneers to put on a show.