Breaking News: WR - Charlton Tucker breaks OFG Record.

by DaaVeedLooEece | 1 year ago | 0 Comments

WR - Charlton Tucker broke WR - Martavis Bryant's OFG 'Single—Game' Record (336 YDs) with an astounding performance (9 REC, 363 YDs, 3 TDs) in the Indianapolis Colts' 50-21 win against the Miami Dolphins.

It was a perfect showcase game for Tucker. He showed his wide-ranging skill set on a variety of routes over the middle and up the sideline. Tucker's underrated ability to gain YDs after the catch was especially on display (133 'Run After Catch' YDs). The Dolphins tried to double team Tucker, and it just didn't matter. 

Tucker's monster game gives him a 'League-Leading' 672 REC YDs. Tucker and the Colts host the Jets in W5; New York's Defense ranks 25th in OFG against the 'Pass'.