Fresh Start for Coach Gilbert

by Eraycer | 8 months ago | 0 Comments

With a new season starting in the PayDirt league some personal and team changes needed to take place, one of those changes was with Coach Gilbert an the Lions. Coming of from a losing season the Silver and Blue and the Coach just could not get on the same page, during the offseason word spread that Gilbert was going to overall the dynamic with that news the front office was forced to make a change so Gilbert was released. As the old saying goes one door closes another one opens and with that open door came the Texans. Coach Gilbert has been a big fan of the Texans for day one so when the call came he was excited to take the lead. On the other end Coaches are always looking to build a legacy and in the case of Coach Livo his legacy is stacking up Super bowls with different teams. Walking away from the Texan to take the Seahawks under his wing and work to lead them to the bowl. How will it turn out too early to tell, you will need to tune in to see just how it all plays out.