Buccaneers get younger

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After a succesful Regular season 2019 the Buccs went one and done in the playoffs, mostly because of bad play on defence and Carson Wentz and the Philly O line man handled the Buccs D. However it was a very solid regular season, resulting in the NFL MVP Jamais Winston and a bunch of pro-bowlers including PFLs WR of the year Mike Evans, an upandcoming Chris Godwin, OJ Howard, Ali Marpet on the O line, PFLs Sack record holder Noah Spence and the general of the D Kwon Alexander. 

The GM however was not satisfied with the leadership of the older players on the team and so Gerald McCoy was traded as was Kevin Minter, looking out for new opportunities are RT Demar Dotson and RE Jason Pierre-Paul. Brent Grimes retired, while DeSean Jackson, Adam Humpries, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Vinnie Curry, Jaquiz Rodgers and Chris Conte were allowed to pursue new FA teams.

There was a lot of movement in the FA, mainly getting good quality backups, that are young and can be trained to become a starter in time, with th eonly real starter being David Moore, who will take the coveted spot of the 3rd WR in a Winston led offense. Some playing time is reserved also for 6'5' WR St. Brown that has yet to garner any real PFL succes. Special teams were completely revamped with young blood of Sanders and Townsend as did the return game with the addition of Devin Singletary.

The Buccs had 9 picks in the draft mainly in the mid to late rounds. 

Pick 1 - Round 1 Pick 28 - Jawaan Taylor, RT, 21YO, 76 OVR

The best RT on the Buccs draft board fell to 28 overall and with 21 years of age he is a sure building block for a decade to come. He will replace the aging Damar Dotson and sure up the young O line that will be the focus of the coaching staff in the upcoming season.

Pick 2 - Round 2 Pick 28 - Montez Sweat, LE, 22YO, 78 OVR

Pass rush was a big problem in the playoffs, as Noah Spence was doubled all the time and therefore the pressure on the QB was non existent. With the addition of Sweat, the D coordinator is getting a chance to flip Sweat and Spence, with just a little Nassib sprinkled in between. Probably the best value in the draft, as he comes in as the 3rd best end in the draft, lasting till the end of round 2.

Pick 3 - Round 3 Pick 7 - Devin Singletary, HB, 22YO, 75 OVR

Ronald Jones II is young and a solid RB, but when he went down last year the running game disapeared for the Buccs, especially in the playoffs. Singletary is a multi purpouse weapon, a returner, pass cathcer and a bouncy back, which is what the Buccs like to do. With RJ II still in the team and the backups of Barber and Adams, this is the youngest and the most talented RB unit in the PFL, which will also be the focus of the offensive coordinators this upcoming season. Expectations for Singletary are high and a Rookie of the Year is well in the conversation.

Pick 4 - Round 3 Pick 28 - Sione Takitaki, MLB, 23 YO, 69 OVR

With Kevin Minter gone the backup MLB spot is open for Takitaki and Littleton to fight it out. Both should get sufficient snaps in the 3-4 and 4-4 defences and since they fit the system and will be trained extensively during the season, with the leadership of Kwon Alexander, we expect big things from this unit.

Pick 5 - Round 4 Pick 3 - David Long CB, 22 YO, 67 OVR

A deep and young unit of CBs gets some backup help.

Pick 6 - Round 4 Pick 7 - Dru Samia RG 23YO, 70 OVR

The O line is one of the youngest and Samia should battle it out with last years scrub find Alex Cappa for the RG spot, ensuring that an injury will not hurt this unit.

Pick 7 - Round 4 Pick 28 - Trace McSorley QB, 23 YO, 62 OVR

The MVP is the MVP, but he need A backup and who better then the 90 speed guy from Penn State. You can be sure that there will be some plays designed especially for this exceptional young man.

Pick 8 - Round 5 - Pick 20 - Ben Burr-Kirven MLB, 23YO, 60 OVR

The last Quick Dev guy on the board, a true backup and special teams player that will look to learn from the older guys on the team.

Pick 9 - Round 5 - Pick 28 - Evan Worthington FS, 23 YO, 66 OVR

As Davis III and Holt can play CB as well as any of the S positions and there are 2 clear cut starters, this was not the focus of the draft, but its always good to get a hard hitter late in the draft.

With only 6 players older than 26, this is one of the PFLs youngest if not THE youngest team. with the average age of 23,9. There will be a lot of training done and with the leadership of the newly aware Winston and Alexander, The Buccs look to repeat the perfect regular season and to take it all the way to the SuperBowl in 2020.