Pick: 1st Round, 7th Pick

Position: Wide Receiver...

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Departing:                       Arriving:

QB Russell Wilson ----> QB Josh Rosen


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The Bengals are content after just one week of free agency. They were able to pick up an upgrade at safety when they acquired former rival Tony Jefferson for 20 million for 4 years. The Bengals also secured defense ba...

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 After the NFC championship game when the Buccaneers lost that overtime thriller against the Minnesota Vikings, I know i still have nightmares of Cook running down the sideline to score a touchdown to win the game. The Buccaneers which is one game away from playing in the Super Bowl since the last time we were there in 2003 in which we ultimately won. 
CEO_KJR, look over the team have way to the se...
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After the Ravens 1st loss of the season in Week 17 to the Texans there was much confusion at the commsioners banning fo their two top WRs. The Ravens sat the majority of their startings and pimary focus was to get their WRs in line with league averages. Due to the success of their Playaction offense veteran wide receivers Robby Anderson and John Brown had both torched the league with over 24YPC this season. Even after a highly adjusted gameplay where anderson had 20 catches for 104 yards h...

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Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receiver Terry McLaurin Week 17 Stats: 8 catches, -103 yards, 2 TDs

Yes, you read that correctly. NEGATIVE 103 yards. How in the world did this happen? Let's start with some background info. Rumor around the Premier Madden League has it that at the end of the year, any receivers who average greater than 19.5 yards per catch (and have 30+ catches) will be suspended for PEDs. Why is that you ask? Last season, Terry McLaurin had 50 catches for 1588 yard...

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Shurmur’s rookie year is one he will want to erase from the history books. The 6’4 Vanderbilt product was practically thrown right into the fire in his first year. After the Patriots lost Tom Brady they had a huge void at quarterback. First they tried to use the ex Buffal...

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New England Patriots 8-6 (3-2)

According to the Daddyleagues ranking system, the New England Patriots are the 6th seed and have a real chance to hold onto their playoff spot. The question I pose is: how did they do it? Their offense averages 20 points per game, and the defense allows 22. They don't have a single offensive statistic that ranks in the top 20 (PPG 22nd, Total Yards 29th, Passing 30th, Rushing 21st), yet they are finding ways to win games that m...

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Week 16 Standings:

1. Baltimore Ravens 14-0 (6-0)

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Tight End David Njoku:

2019 Stats: 62 catches, 820 yards, 3 TDs

2020 Stats: 58 catches, 730 yards, 12 TDs

What happened in 2019? In his second season in 2018, he caught double digit touchdowns with rookie QB Baker Mayfield, but in 2019 that number dropped to a measly 3, only to go back up to 12 this year. So why was his third season such an outlier? It's simple: The offense and coaching staff had to assimilate rookie WR David Sills V and WR John Ross in...

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