Bills Preseason Review

by Bubbab1230 | 6 months ago | 0 Comments

The Bills started and ended the Preseason strong and looking forward to week 1 against the Chiefs. in Preseason week 1 the Bills faced  a Cowboys team that has proven to be a playoff team and hopes to be a SB contender this season. The Bills beat the Cowboys but they didn’t put too much stock into it as the starters only played for a quarter. Week 2 the Bills played a Jaguars team under new management and didn’t fair as well. The run game struggled early against the athletic Jags D and eventually fell behind after the starters came out and lost 18-10. Week 3 Bills bounced back and beat the 2018 PML Chamion Seahawks in an OT win. The starters played for a majority of the game and were impressive against a very good Seattle team. Finally the Bills beat the Saints 38-3 in a game mostly played by backups. As the Bills make final cuts, here is what we can tell from their preseason play...

1) Emphasis on reducing turnovers 

Josh Allen was one of the best QBs last season but one area he has really wanted go improve on is limiting turnovers and not forcing plays. The Bills defense was at the top of the league last year in forced turnovers and if they can win the turnover battle consistently the Bills could be a real problem this season

2) Stopping the run

Although the Bills defense was great against the pass last season, their run D was suspect at times. Sureing up the D line and emphasizing run defense has been a huge priority and it shows.

3) Losing is not an option

After a disappointing ending in 2019 this team doesn’t want that feeling for the locker room or the fans again. Guys in the locker room know what’s expected and are ready to go and earn it. Even Owner Terry Pegula said this week “Super Bowl or Bust”. Words like this could run some guys the wrong way, but we they only have one goal this season.