Jags Gut Check Time

by Miggy_Ray | 1 year ago | 0 Comments

The Jags new ownership came in expecting a different outcome obviously. New ownership is off to an embarrassing 0-3 start. In every game to an extent so far it has been one play every game or more than not a self inflicted mistake/mistakes that has sent them into a spiral each week. The question to be answered is it the management, coaching staff, or the players at fault? Or is it all of the above? For sure it is the management/coaching staff not adjusting to what they are facing. Different league...different set of rules and schemes. Gotta get that worked out. The offense has done some good things as far as moving the ball yardage wise and trying to stay balanced as much as possible. Seems to be they are facing alot of the same defensive looks and schemes over and over which you would expect a competent coach/QB to take advantage of but it seems every game so far a costly turnover has taken the wind out of the sails so to speak. Completely stalling drives and scoring chances. The defense has been a disappointment overall with the amount of talent they have on paper. They are getting a few sacks and a few turnovers but they have to do more with the mistakes of the offense hanging over them every week. We feel this is what is ultimately leading to the collaspe we are getting each week. So even if we go zero for the rest of the schedule what has to happen is for this team to stop beating themselves and give themselves a chance to stay in games into the 4th quarter. It's gut check time in Jacksonville and it won't be easy with a matchup with the undefeated Colts up next on the road. Hopefully this will not be an embarrassment that kills the spirit of this organization.