Changes Under Center

by Is_Nefarious | 7 months ago | 0 Comments

It has been announced that the New England Patriots will not be proceeding with Cardale Jones under center. Instead Rookie quarterback and last pick Kyle Shurmur will now take over the job. 


Shurmur is a product out of Vanderbilt. Drafted in the 7th round 21st overall Shurmur was seen as one of the most NFL ready quarterbacks drafted. Standing in at 6’4 225 pounds. He’s got the body type and play-style reminiscent of the GOAT Tom Brady. 


In practice Shurmur has shown a good feel for the pocket and good movement within the pocket. The only knock on him is that his movement outside the pocket is not good at all. He hasn’t shown great ability to throw on the run. Shurmur is at his best when he’s able to stay within the pocket and deliver the ball down field. 


Miami Dolphins will be the next opponent for the Patriots. Can Shurmur show that he’s the quarterback of the future? Will he be able to show that he’s the second coming for the New England Patriots in a division matchup? Tune in Sunday to find out!