Ravens Receivers Bow Out of Playoffs

by TheNatural | 2 months ago | 0 Comments

After the Ravens 1st loss of the season in Week 17 to the Texans there was much confusion at the commsioners banning fo their two top WRs. The Ravens sat the majority of their startings and pimary focus was to get their WRs in line with league averages. Due to the success of their Playaction offense veteran wide receivers Robby Anderson and John Brown had both torched the league with over 24YPC this season. Even after a highly adjusted gameplay where anderson had 20 catches for 104 yards he still was 0.8 over the necessary average.

We caught up with Anderson after the game and got his thoughts on the matter," Um...it's just  silly. Where else in football are you punished for being too good. The rule is rediculus and the fact they would ruin the palyoffs like this is even worse. See you guys next seaosn."

After the interview team leader John Brown had an annoucment tot he press:

"Due to the unfairness of this rule All of the Wide Recievers will sit out in solidarity with our brothers Robby Anderson and John Brown. Hopefully the PML will forever have an asterix by the winner of this years Superbowl"

The Ravens coaching staff had no comment on this annoucment so we are unsure how they will be able to run their offense with no wide recivers on the field.