NFC Playoff Predictions

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NFC North Champ - Packers 15-1 

The second best team in PML during the regular season. The Pack beat the Bills, Rams, and Falcons. Their only loss came to the Seahawks which left them with a 3 - 1 record against playoff teams. Oren Burks terrorized the PML with 28 interceptions which placed him 2nd in MVP voting. The Pack have the #6 ranked pass defense which is lead by NFC DB of the Year Josh Jones. The Pack also caused the most fumbles and had the most interceptions in the PML.
Key injury: Jake Ryan (79 MLB)
NFC East Champ - Cowboys 13-3
The Cowboys are looking like a force as they head into the PML postseason. The Cowboys boast a 3 - 2 record against PML playoff teams. The Cowboys have the #4 passing defense and are #2 in points given up in the PML and are led by rookie linebacker Vander Esch who won Defensive Player of the Year. On the offensive side of the ball the Cowboys have the #3 offense and #1 passing attack in the PML.
Key injury: Dak Prescott (82 QB)
NFC West Champ - Seahawks 14-2
The Seahawks have only played 8 games and have won them all. With so few games its hard to know who this team really is. What we do know is that in the 8 games they did manage to play the Seahawks took out the Packers, Rams, Cowboys, and Broncos making them 4 - 0 against playoff teams. We will see how they match up as the playoffs get going. 
Key injury: Kam Chancellor (88 SS)
Wildcard - Giants (12-4)
Like the Seahawks, the Giants have only played about half of their games. In the 9 games they did play they were able to beat the Texans, Falcons, and split their season series with the Cowboys. The Giants are led by QB of the Year winner Lauletta and by Running Back of the Year Saquon Barkley. 
Wildcard - Rams (11-5)
NFC South Champ - Falcons 8-8
Predictions (via King Mike owner of the Bengals)
Giants over Falcons
Cowboys over Rams
Divisional Round
Packers over Giants
Cowboys over Seahawks
NFC Championship
Packers over Cowboys