2019 NFL Draft Prospects: Quarterbacks

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1. Will Grier | West Vergina | 6'2" 223 lbs Sr.

Grier was unstoppable this past college season as he passed for over 4,400 yards and 52 touchdowns.  Along with leading the nation in passing yards and touchdowns, he also led the nation in completion % with 66.7%.  Grier will be the best QB prospect for this upcoming NFL draft.  He doesn't have the ideal frame, but he does have the ideal arm strength. Has enough speed to buy him time in the pocket or avoid the rush and get positive yards.  One of the better prospects at reading defenses and understanding his progressions.  Good accuracy but there is room for improvement.  A couple of concerns we have of Grier is about his character and about the system he played in.  Teams will want to get a full explanation about his suspension he had while at Florida. Has he matured and changed while at WVU?  Also, how much of his success was due to the offensive system he played in and how much was due to his ability to play the QB position?  Grier will more than likely be the first quarterback taken in this year's draft, the ceiling is hight for this young man, but the floor is very low too.  


2. Drew Lock | Missouri | 6'4" 225 lbs Sr.

Lock set fire to the SEC in 2017, throwing for a record-setting 44 touchdowns.  This year, however, Lock's production dipped a bit as he threw for 37 touchdowns and 3,705 yards.  Although his numbers did go down, he still put up very impressive numbers against SEC defenses.  He has the prototypical height and arm strength but does need to work on his accuracy.  Lock has that gunslinger mentality which can lead to some impressive plays and also to some bad ones as well.  With the right coaching staff, Lock can become an outstanding quarterback in the NFL.  


3. Ryan Finley | NC State | 6'4" 212 lbs Sr.

Finely knows how to take care of the ball.  He had the second highest completion % among the declaring QB prospects with a 65% completion rate.  He threw for 3,317 yards and 28 touchdowns.  Finely also only threw 7 interceptions, which is tied for the lowest amongst the prospects.  Finely can even pull the ball down and run it effectively, as he accounted for 579 yards rushing and 4 touchdowns.  He won't wow you physically but Finely can become an effective game manager at the next level.  


4. Jake Browning | Washington | 6'2" 210 lbs Sr.

Browning comes in ranked as our 4th rated quarterback prospect based solely on potential.  He didn't put up great numbers, a matter of fact he didn't even put up good numbers, more so decent numbers.  Throwing only 25 touchdowns and amassing only 2,533 yards passing, Browning definitely underachieved in 2018.  The biggest issue we have with Browning is his completion percentage; he had one of the lowest in the nation (47.8%).  When asking scouts about him, most said that his mechanics were solid but his footwork and pocket presence did need to improve, but the reason for his lack of production had more to do with the offensive system he played in.   Browning was also sacked the most out of all the QB prospects, so the lack of protection did hurt his numbers.  He doesn't possess elite arm strength, but he does have a good enough arm to make every NFL throw.  He will need to work on his footwork and his ability to read coverages at the next level but if put into the right situation, Browning has the potential to be a long time starter in the NFL.  


5.  Justin Herbert | Oregon | 6'6" 233 lbs Jr. 

When it comes to looking the part of an NFL quarterback, Herbert looks it.  His massive statue allows him to scan the field and easily play above the traffic at the line of scrimmage.  He passed for 2,641 yards, 32 touchdowns with only 7 interceptions.  Not eye-popping numbers but very efficient in his play.  Herbert doesn't have the huge cannon arm that normally comes with the bigger quarterbacks, but his accuracy is definitely his money maker.  


6.  Dwayne Haskins Jr. | Ohio State | 6'3" 221 lbs Soph. (RS)

Stats: 174 comps. out of 346 attempts. 2,3987 passing yards, 21 TDs, 10 Ints, 50% comp, 543 rushing yards, 4 Rush TDs

Rundown: Raw.  Has all the tools need to become a starter at the next level, but it will come down to his ability to learn and improve his understanding of complex offensive schemes.  He is a project and more than likely won't see a return on investment until a couple of years down the line.  


7. Khalil Tate | Arizona | 6'2" 215 lbs Jr.

Stats: 161 comps out of 242 attempts. 2307 passing yards, 31 TDs, 8 Ints, 66.5% comp., 78 rushes, 356 rushing yards, 3 Rush TDs, 2 Fumb.

Rundown: Athletic.  A Great runner with good elusiveness.  Might be the fastest QB in this class.  Lacks the arm strength need to push the ball downfield.  Played in a system that covered up his weak arm.  Has a great understanding of the game of football.  Decent accuracy.  Could be a quality backup in a couple of years or could be out of the league.  


8. Eric Dungey | Syracuse | 6'3" 226 lbs Sr.

Stats: 221 comps. out of 443 attempts, 2745 passing yards, 22 TDs, 11 Ints, 49.9% comp., 196 rushes, 648 rushing yards, 12 Rush Tds

Rundown:  A true dual-threat quarterback.  Has above average arm strength. Although inconsistent, he has shown the ability to throw with anticipation.  One of the faster quarterbacks in this draft class. Accuracy and patients need to improve if he wants to have a long career in the NFL.