Injuries Shake Up the OROY Race

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Injuries Shake Up the OROY Race


With preseason over and our first look at the young offensive stars in their first ever NFL starts its time to make some ridiculously premature guesses at who will be leading the Rookie of the Year race on the offensive side of the ball. Unfortunately for some of these young stars their road to ROY has already taken a snag. With so many injuries to offensive rookie stars looking to make huge impacts for their respective teams, we take a deep dive into how these injuries impact their chances at winning some hardware early in their NFL careers. 


OROY normally goes to a player at one of the 4 skill positions, QB, WR, HB, or TE. However with big names dropping early let’s look at these players roads to ROY and the players looking to take advantage of their injury to claim #1 rookie at the position. 



Injury: Phi Dwayne Haskins 

Haskins wasn’t necessarily a guaranteed starter when he was selected by Philadelphia but he started some real quarterback controversy with his success in preseason and even with Carson and Foles ahead of him he looked to maybe steal the show in Philly however with a collarbone injury in the preseason that will sideline him well into the season I don’t really see Philly looking to make a major change at QB midseason unless they go 0-6 or lose both Carson and Foles. Don’t expect to see Haskins in ROY talk again at all this year.


Who it will benefit: LAC Will Grier and PIT Drew Lock

Haskins injury makes room for a 2 way race at Rookie QB. With both Grier and Lock securing the starting position in week 1, and, outside of INT woes, played well. Its gonna be fun to see these two battle it out for best rookie QB.



Injury: Ind Stanley Morgan Jr 

After the preseason Morgan looked to be the potential front runner for a receiver at rookie of the year. He has good mechanics, filled a huge whole in the Indiana Offense, and is probably gonna develop into a superstar in the league. However his road to ROY got a little more difficult as a broken rib will force him to sit the first few games of the season. While he hopefully not out long and with his absence unlikely to impact the team or his ability to develop a role in the offense it’s unlikely this will deter his season too much. 


Benefits: NE Felton Davis II and BUF Deebo Samuel 

With a plethora of star caliber WR’s in this years draft (Sill, Davis II, Deebo) number of snaps played is gonna impact the race at this position heavily. 



Injury: Oak Myles Gaskin and Bal Tony Brooks-James Elbow 

In the opinion of this reporter the biggest losses were taking at this position. Heisman winner Myles Gaskin was looking to add some more hardware to his collection as many thought he had a lot of potential to win OROY. However, as many scouts expected, his small frame did NOT acclimate well to the behemoths that are NFL defensive backs and lineman. Gaskin’s broke his collarbone on his first snap from scrimmage and is expected to be out well into the middle of the season. Gaskins OROY hopes are all but over. This is not necessarily the case for the back picked right before him in the draft, Baltimore’s Tony Brooks-James. Although he dislocated his elbow in the last game of the preseason, he will probably be back soon and be another weapon for the already formidable Raven’s offense. Expect TBJ to be in ROY talks all season if he can steal snaps from last years breakout star, Alex Collins.


Benefits: Phi Jalen Hurd 

With Gaskins hurt and Brooks-James having to pry snaps away from Collins, Jalen Hurd has the perfect opportunity to make a name for himself as these other guys ride the pine. 2 major games from Hurd could put him at too far ahead of TBJ or Gaskins for either to catch up. 



Injury: GB Tommy Sweeney

An injury ravished Green Bay has to find a way to manage a few games without their draft steal at the TE position, Tommy Sweeney. Sweeney is out with a shoulder tear and will most likely miss 2 to 3 games at the beginning of this season. He should be able to make noise in the ROY race this year still without question.


Benefits: CAR Caleb Wilson

Wilson is my other pick at TE for ROY with Sweeney injured and the recent injury to Greg Olsen I expect Wilson to take advantage and take lead of this tight end class. Will it be enough to garner ROY votes? We’ll have to wait and see.



Some say there is a conspiracy around the PML cheaping out on padding with the amount of broken ribs and torn pecs and abdominals. Is it true… Probably Not. Will I continue to insinuate it and believe that the PML is injuring all of these young exciting players for their own agendas… With out question.