One Player Every Team Should Consider Cutting This Offseason

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One Player Every Team Should Cut At The Start Of The Offseason

CB Prince Amukamara: the Bears are -$10 mil over the cap. Prince has been regressing the last few seasons and will cost $8.4 mil to play next season. This one is just simple math really.
LG Cody Glenn: he is due to make $13.7 mil next season. Glenn is still a serviceable lineman but its hard to justify paying a LG more than WR Antonio Brown would make next season. As of today, the Bengals have only $4.73 mil in cap space, they could use the cap relief. 
QB Robert Griffin III: the Bills are in good shape in terms of bad contracts. The team does not have a single contract that they could terminate at seasons end that would clear up cap room. Griffen III has a contract that slightly over pays him $6.9 mil next season. The Bills could really use that money to add to the $7.32 mil in cap space they have now.
LG Ron Leary: Leary's ability to run and pass block have been slowly declining while his salary continues to rise. Cutting him would free up around $8.89 mil of cap room to add to the $9.95 mil they have now.
LOLB Jamie Collins SR: his sack and tackle totals continue to tread downward as his salary will be $9.88 mil. Browns would love to see that money freed up and put towards bringing in more weapons for Mayfield to use.
RE Jason Pierre Paul: this was the most difficult team to select just one because TB is filled with inflated salaries due to aging stars. Releasing Paul would free up $12.4 mil. If you were to release JPP, Vinny Curry $20 mil in cap space would be freed. 
CB Patrick Peterson: he is scheduled to make $16.1 mil next season, that is more than some QBs make for a season. This one really depends on how much you feel Peterson has regressed after this year. Do you really want to pay a CB that much money who is no long in the upper echelon of defensive backs.
LT Russel Okung: scheduled to make $12.3 mil next season and is clearly no the same player he once was. Chargers should take that money and put it towards extending WR Kennan Allen.
RE Justin Houston: in his prime there were not many defenders better than Houston. Today, there aren’t many paid like him. Houston will be 31 next season and his skills have begun to regress but he is being paid like Kahlil Mack at $23.3 mil next year. That’s allot of money for someone who no longer plays like Mack.
WR T.Y. Hilton: Hiltons salary is supposed to jump to $15.5 mil next season. Still an explosive and capable vet but also still a bad contract.
QB Tyrod Taylor: he eats up $19.9 mil of the cap next season. The team has to resign Dak Prescott this offseason if they want him to be the QB of the future. The cowboys can't afford both and only has $6.1 mil in cap space. Releasing Taylor would free up some of the money needed to sign Dak, if that’s what the team wants to do.
DT William Haynes: if he doesn't retire at season end, he will be due $9.1 mil to play next season. He still has some fight in those old bones but turns 35 next season. $9 mil for an average player in his mid 30’s, that may be just a little to steep.
FS Rodney McLeod: safety turns 30 next season and he has already shown signs of regression. PHI is cash strapped this offseason and could use the $8.58 mil to pay McLeod elsewhere. Eagles have a plethora of young talent to replace him and they certainly will not miss his price tag.
C Alex Mack: he is scheduled to make $11.7 mil next season. That’s $500 k less than WR Julio Jones. Mack can still play at a high level it is just a bad deal. C Jason Kelce will only make around $7.5 mil and is largely considered one of the best centers in the league. Falcons only have $10.3 mil in cap space. They have a few other contracts that they should terminate but this one makes the most sense.
CB Richard Sherman: to be honest, we would probably hold on to Sherman who will only cost the team $5.56 mil and can still be a viable asset. The 49ers don't really have a bad contract that they could get out of in the offseason. The GM and contract management has done an excellent job at making fair market value deals.
LE Olivier Vernon: he is scheduled to make Khalil Mack money next year bringing home $23.3 mil. The Giants have a few contracts they need to pull the plug on but none more pressing or valuable as Vernons.
QB Blake Bortles: scheduled to make $13.9 mil which is not bad for a starting QB. The problem is that Bortles is the starting QB. He is holding this team back and could use that money to resign some of their very talented defensive players like Jalen Ramsey to a long term deal.
K Sabastian Janikowski: the Jets really don’t have any bad contracts. They also don't really have many good players. Janikowski is old and getting older. He is slightly overpaid but if we have to get rid of one contract. This is the one.
WR Marvin Jones Jr: he will be 30 next year and paid $1 mil less than Julio Jones. $11.4 mil for a receiver who is a quality player but not one that defenses fear and need to game plan for. If your making Julio money then we want to see that player have the Julio effect on defenses.
TE Jimmy Graham: hes not the same player he once was. His play continues to regress and he is being paid like a top ten tight end.  Graham still has value in this league as a 2nd or 3rd TE on a team. Not a TE taking $6.64 mil of the teams salary cap away.
QB Cam Newton: this all depends on whether they still view Cam as the QB to lead them for the next 5 years. He will cost the team $27.4 mil next season and most likely more to keep him. We think Cam is a fine QB but also one that is outside the group of elite quarterbacks. If we are CAR we would think long and hard if they want Cam moving forward. If the answer is no, then cut ties with him via trade or release and use that huge pot of cash to bring in new talent to surround the next QB with.
MLB Donta Hightower: the Patriots are masters at managing the cap. This year is no exception. They really do not have one contract that grossly over pays their player. Hightower fits the mold of the type of contract they like to unload. An aging player moving into the later half of the contract where the money is inflated. Hightower would be a value cut. The Patriots would cut Hightower and then use that money to bring in players to replace and exceed his production.
LG Kelechi Osemele: Osme turns 31 next season and is scheduled to make a whopping $15.8 mil. The Raiders need to free that money and invest in more important positions then left guard. That would be an insane amount of money for a left tackle.
DT Ndamukong Suh:  he is scheduled to make $15.2 mil next season as part of the deal when he was considered one of the best defensive players in football. He is still talented but you won't find many people that think he is even an elite lineman anymore. Cut Suh, free the money, and invest in some new defensive talent.
RG Marshal Yanda: he has had a fine career. The Ravens are another team with great contract and cap management. Yanda has earned every penny he has gotten but as the back half over his contract continues to increase in value, he has been slowly regressing. His numbers may not show it yet but after each offseason he loses strength, agility, and speed. Will he be worth $8.68 mil next year?
CB Josh Norman: he turns 32 next year and you can see that he has lost a step. As he begins to regress his salary rises to $14.9 mil. Redskins have some important decisions to make this offseason with only $8.97 mil in cap space. They should not fall under the practice of keeping players to long because of sentimental value. Releasing guys like Williams, Kerrigan, and Norman would free up a combined $45 mil of free money should they chose to do so. 
TE Demetrius Harris: Saints do not really have any contracts they could get out of this offseason that would save them big money. So we simply chose the most overpaid guy we could find. The number three TE Harris would earn $3.02 mil next season. That’s more than what a quarter of the leagues starting TEs will make next year. 
QB Brett Hundley: $8.25 mil!!?? Wow, Seattle is not really cash strapped with $17.2 mil in cap space but could be in a lot better shape with an extra $8.25 mil.
SS Morgan Burnett: he will essentially be the backup SS next year as the future of position belongs to SS Edmunds. Burnett will not be overpaid by any means. The Steelers simply don't have any contracts that are worth getting rid of more than this contract. The team is in great shape with $24.1 mil in cap space and big salaries are about to fall off. This pick here was simply a matter of do we want to pay our back Strong Safety starters money. 
LG Senio Kelemente: we had to really technical with this pick as the Texans literally have no contracts that they can get out of this offseason that would make sense. Kelemente is being pain $3.54 mil next year to play in a scheme that his skillset does not fit.
TE Delanie Walker: at 35 years old he is still producing. With that said, he is owed $6.54 mil next season and the Titans need cap relief. The Titans could also look at their extremly overpaid wide recievers but they are all young and have no reached their full potential. 
QB Kirk Cousins: there is no worse contract in football. The Vikings are on the hook for the money no matter what they do. This all comes down to how much effects the cap. He is due $27.3 mil next season with a $4.5 mil bonus. The Vikings only have $5.27 mil in cap space, if they can get the Cousin contract off their books without to much of a cap hit, they should do it.
B.T. Maximmilian is a beat writer for the Detroit Free Press and serves as the senior sports analyst of the Detroit Lions. Mr. Max also does freelance journalism for the BleacherReport.