Tampa Bay BUCS New Owner

by Kwhyit32 | 3 months ago | 0 Comments

We finally got to talk to the new owner of the Tampa Bay buccaneers


So CEO how does it feel to be part of the Premier madden league


It's an honor honestly been trying to get in a league like this for a  few years and to find out that this league is the same lead headed by a lot of known people in the Madden community and that this community is doing some outstanding work around a CFM experience. 


How do you feel about the roster that you inherit?


Honestly I don't know what the previous owner was doing regarding two roster. There's a lot of salaries and contracts for a certain individual players there, outlandish in the amount and the period of length they are worth. Defensively we felt that the team needed a change, we changed them from a 3-4 scheme to a 4-3 scheme. I think that was a great move by us for the defense and the result is definitely show the last three games for our defense gave up no more than 14 points.


About the last three games you guys have one of them be a divisional rivals, how does that make the organization feel?


The organization has the responses that they made the right decision to get the right owner for the team to make the right move for the chain so that we can go in the right direction, been in a pickle right now with the team having a great record but doesn't look to be ready to go for in the future this allows the organization and affairs to trust and believe the move that will make an upcoming future.  Also shows that we are going to be a team to be reckoned with in the NFC South against our rivals and even in the league. 


How do you feel about some owners saying that you given a team that was already set to make the playoffs?


I really don't care, when we acquire the organization they were in and out of the playoff picutre. After three weeks  we currently are number two seed, we have walked of the NFC South title. Finally giving then fans a home game in the playoffs we are trying to bring back the same atmosphere from the last Super Bowl team in 2002. 


Do you want to say to the other owners in the league?


Nope not at all, our limitations going to have a professional appeal to them, going to let our body of work do all the talking that is necessary and focus on the go or bringing a championship to Tampa Bay.