Bengals Preseason wraps up

by King_86130 | 2 months ago | 0 Comments

Preseason Wrap-up


The Bengals wrap up season 3 preseason with a 1-3 record. On the surface that may not look to good, but the Bengals had the lead in the 4th of every game and starters played no more than 1qrt the entire preseason.


The Bengals had 2 preseason goals: 1. stay healthy, CHECK. No injuries heading into regular season. 2. Get a good look at this year’s starting QB second year man Jordan Ta’amu, CHECK. Ta’amu played more snaps than anyone in the PML and threw for over 900 yards and 5 TD 5 INTs in 4 games. We will have to see how he adjusts to going up against 1st string defenses.


Bengals didn’t play many of their defensive starters all preseason. It will be exciting to see the 1st unit hit the field and attempt to lead this team to a 3rd straight playoff appearance.


Prediction: Bengals go 12-4