Midseason Rookie Report Cards

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Most analysts will probably tell you it takes two to three years to properly evaluate a rookie but in PML we don't have that kind of time. We need rookies that can produce quickly and make your team a title contender in 3-5 years tops. It's important to know if your draft pick was a bust or a stud quickly, so with 8 weeks under their belt we went ahead and started grading this years PML drafted rookies begining with #1 overall himself:


1. Kyler Murray 

Murray has been lights out in New York. He has leaded the Giants to a 6-1 record, and he’s on track for 3,000+ yards with a 67% completion ratings. With a clean second half (he’d need to improve on his td:int ration currently sitting at about 1:1) he’s a strong contender for ROY.

Grade: A


2. Tua Tagovailoa

Tua on the other hand hasn’t been as hot. He’s currently sitting at a 3-4 record in Miami. Unfortunately he has been hot and cold;, but hopefully with the addition of Julio and emergence of rookie TJ Vasher maybe he now has the weapons he needs to develop. I’s not certain if Tua is the guy in Miami just yet but in their recent win against OAK was one of the few times he’s played like it. If he can regain his mobility, which he has seemed to have loss with only 25 yards and 2 fumbles, and take less sacks Tua will finish the season out pretty strong. 

Grade: B


3. Devin White 

The addition of White has vaulted New England into a Top 5 defense against the pass. Devin White has amassed 40 ttkls, 6 for a loss, an interception and a couple deflections to add to that. Devin flies all over the field and is a monster getting at the quarterback with 2 sacks under his belt and even more QB pressures to boot.

Grade: B+


4. Greg Little 

Greg Little was drafted to make a splash on an aging, struggling OL in Seattle. Although Little has definitely been great against the run and contributed to their 2nd ranked running game, he’s been a bit of a liability in the passing game leading the team in sacks allowed at 5. Little gets a bump down in grade because of the depth at OL in this class and unfortunately it’ll be a while before his pass block footwork will be on level with the caliber of rusher in the NFL

Grade: B-


5. Julian Love

Love hasn’t produced much yet for the Broncos but he hasn’t really been bad either. At 1 interception and 3 deflections, he and the Broncos defense hasn’t been lockdown but haven’t given up many big plays in the air either.

Grade: C+


6. Dexter Lawrence

The Jets defense is horrible but it at least isn’t the fault of 6th overall pick Dexter Lawrence. Lawrence was a great pick for the Jets and he has contributed well with 2.5 sacks and 21 tackles but there’s a lot more that NY needs before Lawrence’s performance will truly stand out.

Grade: B-


7. Nate Herbig

Herbig is another early pick OL who I would have a higher grade if not for this stellar OL draft class but Herbig is doing spectacular and possible the only bright spot for that Washington O line so he gets an A-. Hopefully he can be the face of a new and improved Washington O line. 

Grade: B+


8. Jonah Williams

Jonah Williams hasn’t shown us that same push and ability he had back at Alabama. He hasn’t been completely bad and isn’t yet a bust but it's hard to predict whether he can develop quickly and be an anchor to a young Chargers OL. 

Grade: C+


9. Shaq Quaterman 

Quaterman has been stellar for Atlanta. He’s up there competing for rookie tackle leader at 42 total tak with 6 for a loss. Atlanta’s defense has really locked down in tight games this year and Quaterman has been a major factor in it. Expect him in the conversation later in the season when talking DROY

Grade: A


10. Albert Okwuegbunam

Albert O is an absolute beast! The 6’6’ 258 lb TE is possible the best tight end prospect to come out of the draft since… well ever. Not many tight ends come into the league as ready as Big O has and he’s on pace to solidify that by becoming one of only 3 TE’s in the past 15 years to produce more than 600 yards their rookie year. He even has the potential to make history and be the first rookie TE to break 900 yards.

Grade: A+

Come back next week as we continue grading the PML 2020 1st Round Draft Picks.