Seahawks New Additions and Departures

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Departing:                       Arriving:

QB Russell Wilson ----> QB Josh Rosen

                                        LG Isaiah Wynn

                                        RT Grant Hermanns

          WR Eli Stove

          WR Nico Collins

          CB Patrick Peterson

                                       CB Janoris Jenkins
                                       SS Andre Hall 
                                      Return Specialist CB Kary Vincent 
The Seahawks offense looks drastically different going into this season. They’ve moved on from star QB Russell Wilson and brought in up incoming QB Josh Rosen. Rumor has it that Wilson wanted the farm, but after his ankle injury in the preseason last season, he just didn’t look the same. The Seahawks spent most of their draft capital surrounding Rosen with weapons. After trading away pick 7 for LG Wynn and pick 22, they used that extra draft pick to solidify protection for Rosen in drafting RT Hermanns. Rookie WRs Stove and Collins add some sure handed caliber pass catchers behind star receivers Perriman and Lockett. Collins doesn’t have flashy speed but he was an All-American first team player coming out of college.

Seattle’s defense gained some speed in the secondary. They added two veterans in Peterson and Jenkins and when combined with Griffin, it makes this trio one of the best CB combinations in the league. Kary Vincent was coveted as a high class return specialist coming out of college and he will take over the role for Grayland Arnold. Arnold had a very tough playoff matchup versus the Cowboys. He was asked to come in and start when CB Justin Coleman went down for injury. The combination of both roles appeared to be too much as he fumbled the ball on the kickoff coming out of halftime and then again the very next kickoff after the cowboys took advantage of his previous mistake.