Bengals Season Wrap Up

by Sam_32378 | 8 months ago | 1 Comments


Coming into the season. Expectations were very low, making the playoffs was great motivation for us. But the departure of Marcus Mariota hurt the team, we lost a leader. AJ Green was aging .. and we were struggling at QB. You can only imagine how hard it is to bring in a young guy in (Snead). We’re going to continue to develop in the young man. Snead needs to improve on his pocket awareness, and get the ball out quicker for us. One goal we have for him is to cut his interception numbers in half. Hopefully him and Juice can keep that chemistry going! On the defensive end of the ball even with Jessie Bates and Adoree returning to lead us, we plan to address some needs in free agency. We hope a vet falls into our lap, preferably we hope to come across a interior linebacker. But if need be we will go and grab a linebacker in the upcoming draft. All and all we plan to have at least 10 wins in an effort to return to the playoffs... WHO DEY!