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S28 Draft Awards

Best Draft: Colts - 79Ovr Power beast RG Turenne, 77ovr Star user SS Beard, 82ovr Steal catching HB Russel, 74ovr Run Stuff MLB Wallace, 71ovr Star QB-friendly TE Denney all culminated in an awesome draft haul for the Colts. Made more impressive by the fact that the Coach was only signed on Draft Day. 

Worst Draft: Rams - 75ovr RG Warren was a reach for need, as were ...

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By Mattanite

QB Riley Brockel was chosen by the Bears as the No3 pick behind the Zach “Milibomber” Mili and Frank “SpeedFreak” Jones. He had a solid career with the Bears but some leave of absence by the coach, he never tasted the playoffs and missed out on ROTY to Dolphons QB Paul Martinek. Post Julio Jones trade, Jones and Brockel are currently on pace for a 30td season each and about to taste the playoffs any day now.

DT Sanchez Middle...

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The Cleveland Browns have rocketed from their normal high draft pick
status to unbeatable SML Superbowl favourites, writes the legendary
Scoop McLeak.
Speaking at the Hogwarts training centre today, Coach Hiero replied
to what he described as 'non-believing hacks' that the Browns have
swept all before them with good old fashioned foot...

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Season 23 - Week 9  Power Rank Report
Biggest Winners

The top has some new ar...
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With Season 23 just kicking off let’s have a look over the divisions and look at what we can expect to see in SML Europe this season.
Having a prolonged offseason has brought in numerous changes for the SML Europe league with the introduction of 10 new head coaches and many coaches returning from retirement to take the reins at teams needing new direction.
In the NFC North Bears Stalwart @Bishbosh1985 takes o...
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The new look New York Jets finished their pre season schedule on a high, where, despite 2 narrow losses they looked competitive throughout and on another day could easily have gone 4-0 over the Pre Season. The NY Jester caught up with HC Lavernius Tucker for a word on the Pre Season and how he feels his team will get on going forward.
"Obviously the team has had a major overhaul since I've arrived. I put a massive emphasis on youth and develo...
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Best Pick: Scotty Fleming, NYG
Value Pick: Zack Morgan, SF
The best QB in the draft, picked by the Giants at number 4! A freak of nature, his fast wheels (95 speed, 90 acceleration) and strong arm (93 throw power) make him the kind of dual threat quarterback every team dreams about. Even though there were some rumors about the Giants wanting to play him as a running back, this guy has pro bowler and...

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A sub standard rookie draft is now history and we'll find out below who has been a good Scout and who were the slackers.
If you feel the need ...
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