.500 Pre Season as Jets look start Regular Season

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The new look New York Jets finished their pre season schedule on a high, where, despite 2 narrow losses they looked competitive throughout and on another day could easily have gone 4-0 over the Pre Season. The NY Jester caught up with HC Lavernius Tucker for a word on the Pre Season and how he feels his team will get on going forward.
"Obviously the team has had a major overhaul since I've arrived. I put a massive emphasis on youth and developing a players skill sets. A lot of the older guys were content to sit on the roster and collect their paycheque each week. Which I won't have in my squad.
Of course there a few players with experience that are still here and that is because, not only they can contribute on the field, but also off the field. Players like Matt Forte and Demario Davis. They understand their roles here as father figures for the youngsters and hopefully this will breed a successful attitude in East Rutherford.
I'm confident that we are able to go .500 this season. In this first year of a major rebuild it is important that we remain competitive at the very least. Of course every team plans on winning the big one, but it's important to understand our position and be realistic."
Looking back on the preseason, there can only be one MVP for the Jets. Rookie Bucky Hodges has exploded onto the scene after his release from the Vikings, who I'm certain will regret that decision as the years go on. Hodges, who may not have been slated to be a starter behind Will Tye must surely have staked a claim to the spot now.
The Jets open the Regular Season @ AFC East rivals Buffalo Bills in what should be great test to see how the Jets will do this season.
The Stats
                        Jets-----------Bills (@Mattanite)
Bucky Hodges-----KEY PLAYER-----LeSean McCoy
(2nd) 32-----POINTS-----25 (15th)
(1st) 372.5-----YARDS-----290.8 (8th)
(4th) 246.3-----PASS YARDS-----220 (7th)
(2nd) 126.3-----RUSH YARDS-----70.8 (28th)
(30th) 33-----POINTS-----25 (21st)
(32nd) 371-----YARDS-----360 (31st)
(32nd) 265-----PASS YARDS-----245.5 (30th)
(26th) 106-----RUSH YARDS-----
114.5 (29th)
This is already shaping up to be an offensive slobber knocker, with both teams moving the ball with ease at times, yet struggling to contain literally anything. One thing is for sure... if you only see one game from Week 1, it had better be this one