Geodude's Week 9 Power Rankings

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Season 23 - Week 9  Power Rank Report
Biggest Winners

The top has some new arrivals with Falcons and Browns still yet to be defeated and riding the high into the second half of the season at positions 3 and 5. Bengals went into full on HULK mode after being displaced last round and retakes his No2 spot. The stock market rises for the Washington with a new Head Coach taking over for the CPU pushing the team to No20. Some decent wins and recoveries on the season see a gradual rise for the Raiders, Colts, Chargers (the Patriot Killer) and Vikings. Some rookie coach of the year candidates ahoy in Saints and Cardinals as they rise by 11 and 13 to no16 and 17 respectively. Congratualtions to the 49ers who have turned a rebuild team into a playoff contender, up 10 to No22. Playoff hopefuls Panthers and Browns rise to No7 and No8.  

Rock Solid

All hail Dallas, unshakeable at the top, his decent record, great team OVR and Superbowl history protects him, but for how long? The gap is closing… Patriots keeps up his good form with a drop from 3 to 4. Some decent play out of the Giants sees him rise 1 to 13 and despite notching a loss and a panic trade for a new rookie QB the Jags rise 1 to No9. The Rams carry on the slow and steady ascension of the Rams up 1 to No21. I’ll give the Jets a “Rock Solid” grade this month as he tumbles 3 to No27 but solid performances from the rookies Kyle “Bucky-Buddy” Sloter and the Unicorn TE keep them in a lot of games.   

Biggest Losers

Some solid recoveries on the season means there are only 2 perfect seasons left at the bottom. Ravens and Seahawks drop to 32 and 30 respectively each seeking a win but a record setting red sun storm didn’t help Baltimore. Lions, Packers and Titans come back down to earth with a tumble to the bottom of the board. In the middle of the packTexans, Bills, Broncos and Steelers take a short fall of a few spots with a rough month in the SML but bounce backs are all possible. A rough and tough few games see Bucs tumble due to a plethora of injuries to No24 and Bears to No25 eyeing the next draft, is this the start of a rebuild? At the top Philly takes a fall from 2 to 6, part in the fact he finally got that first L against him (followed by another), but partly to make room (with the Pats falling 1) for the Falcons and the brilliant Browns who own the only perfect record. The now rudderless Dolphins falls as their head coach takes time out and expect a further fall when the CPU takes over next report.  

Conference Battle

Not that much movement in the conference battles. The NFC East retain the No1 spot, the AFC North retain the No2 spot but now share it with the NFC South. The NFC west does just enough to knock the struggling AFC east from No3 to No5 and the AFC South drops one to last place. Congrats to the NFC West for getting their house in order and moving up to No7.