Colts let the jets Escape

by LSUTRUTH | 6 months ago | 0 Comments

The colts burst out of the gate going up 10-0 and it looks like the jets are in trouble. 24 straight points by the Jets and then it looks like the Colts are dead in the water. The colts would answer to take the lead in the ball game with under 2 mins left as Harmon looked incredible. The defense just needs to hold and they win. The first 2nd down boom a ball hits Leonard right in the chest and he... drops it. The game should of been over right there. Later in the drive Westry has a ball hit him right in the face... boom another drop and the Jets still have life. The final 3rd down a ball is tipped into the air deflects over 3 colts and lands incomplete. It was one of those games for the Colts. Ejiofer dominated and Harmon continues to flash that big play potential. Consistency is the issue for this colts team.