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Welcome to the Void! We are a 32-man franchise league for Madden, offering realistic gameplay to our users. We operate for the duration of the cycle, and rarely drop below 32 users. If you're interested in joining our league, please click the following to link to join our Discord Chat and a commish will assist you with joining.


bowdowntomeeeee - Lions
Brice_Daniels - Bucs
DF Prince - Bills
porkyoverclutch - Colts
RaginCajunNacho - Browns
Void Hall of Fame
Madden 18 HOF Inductees:

QB Warren McFarland (Browns)
QB Matthew Stafford (Lions/Jets)
HB Corry Curry (Lions)
HB Deron Bradshaw (Buccaneers)
WR Kirvonte Rice (Browns/Ravens)
WR Tyreek Hill (Chiefs)


FS Ellis Pugh-Willis (Browns)
MLB Jarron Henry (Chiefs)
MLB Reshard Cliett (Patriots)
OLB Jalen Franklin (Jets)


CountryRebel911 (Browns)
Sivyle (Jets)
PeteAcosta (Patriots)
Void Super Bowl Winners
Previous Super Bowl Winners (M19):

Void SB XII: Indianapolis Colts - Notice Magik

Void SB XI: Indianapolis Colts - PorkyOverClutch

Void SB X: Green Bay Packers - KILLERBos5

Void SB IX: Seattle Seahawks - LEGIIONofBOOM

Void SB VIII: Atlanta Falcons - GrooGrux KING6

Previous Super Bowl Winners (M18):

Void SB VII: Dallas Cowboys - Takeitsleazy21

Void SB I, III, IV, VI: Cleveland Browns - CountryRebel 911

Void SB V: New York Jets - Sivyle

Void SB II: Atlanta Falcons - GKMC Reed
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