QB- Kyle Lauletta - It's really hard to see a passer with less than 4000 yards here but when you lead the league in touchdown-to-interception ratio while tossing up the most touchdowns across the league its well deserved. For the major part of the preseason New York's head coach touted Kyle as TSG's best. Boy did he...
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by Bo | 6 months ago | 0 Comments | League News

Rumblings this morning out of the Saints camp. Currently backup QB Teddy Bridgewater has filed a grievence with TSG owners claiming he is being “white balled.” 

”They told me I was suppose to take over for Drew, so I came, and all of a sudden this Taysom Hill dude is playing, this shit is fucked up, and it’s only because I’m BLACK! Yeah I said it.” 

Bridgewater has some truth to this claim. From Brees to Tebow, they Saints...

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Reporter: Hello everyone, I’d like to thank you all for joining the Prosise Podcast. Today we have a special guest and he really needs no introduction in the Los Angeles area but I believe everyone in the WORLD will know his name after this season with the Chargers. After being acquired from the Raiders for Casey Heyward a lot of people questioned whether or not he could have as great an impact as Casey did and I’ll be the first one to tell you yes, monumentally .His impact wil...

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Qb- Matt Ryan - For the second straight year QB play accross the league was in the tank. Matty Ice once again claims this spot. Accuracy and managing the game seems to be his clear road to success with a 74% completion clip and a 26 to 15 TD to interception ratio.

RB- Melvin Gordon- As stated last year around this time, i...
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Reporter: This is Chris P. Bacon reporting live from the locker room of the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers are on a 2 game win streak and now hold a record of 2-2 for the season. With a bye week approaching, we at WBAWS thought this would be a perfect t...

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QB- Matt Ryan - With QB play accross the league being piss poor, Matty Ice stands "barely" above the rest with his 25-19 TD-INT ratio. He manages to couple that with a fairly respectable 69 completion %.

RB- Saquon Barkley- Runs away wi...

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We toured another the league looking for the key features to success for the opening season of TSG's Madden 19 and landed in the NFC South where the Saints are checking names off the schedule again per usual. After a strong Madden 18 where the Saints won the division 5 of 6 seasons, made it to the NFC title game 3 of 6 seasons and adding another NFC title to the hardware. The Saints were primed as a favorite under new ownership as Jeremy Shockey sold the team to Percy Miller aka "...

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