*Walks into press conference*


Guidou- I will start taking questions now.

Chris- How do you feel about your teams victory over the Bengals?

Guidou- Terrible performance, we should of scored 60 on them . We had 7 ints , defense looked strong but we need to turn those 7 takeovers into 7 touchdowns.

Mary- What made you trade Jimmy G after a strong outing?

Guidou- A strong outing ? Jimmy G like I said before couldn’t...

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by MegaBossGuidou | 1 year ago | 0 Comments | League News

Max- Welcome to First take MegaBossGuidou

Guidou- What’s goodie Max!

Max- We need to talk about your week 1 performance against the Bucs , it looked as if there was a earthquake in the 1st quarter field was choppy time skipped and before I knew it I saw Ronald Jones breaking tackles like Bo Jackson . Can you walk us through that ?

Guidou- Sure Max. To be honest I don’t even know what happened QB called hike time stopped and when I looked up Rona...

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First game with the return of TSG’s most infamous owners Jay Killa, and things couldn’t have looked any better even with a defeat against the Falcons. Killa has been away from the field nearly 3 years after the loss of his mother and definitely picked up right where he l...

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by jaykilla | 1 year ago | 2 Comments | Minnesota Vikings

Word on the street has been that since the owner of the chargers left the team to join the Jacksonville Jaguars staff, it somehow signifies defeat from chiefs organization. 

Contrary to popular opinion (and statistics) the first game indicates otherwise. Not to mention that since the chargers were under my tutelage I had accomplished the goal of winning 2 Super Bowls while only one other person from the afc west made an appearance. I was spokesman for our division for a few...

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