Recap of Week 1 loss to Bucs with Max Kellerman

by MegaBossGuidou | 1 year ago | 1 Comments

Max- Welcome to First take MegaBossGuidou

Guidou- What’s goodie Max!

Max- We need to talk about your week 1 performance against the Bucs , it looked as if there was a earthquake in the 1st quarter field was choppy time skipped and before I knew it I saw Ronald Jones breaking tackles like Bo Jackson . Can you walk us through that ?

Guidou- Sure Max. To be honest I don’t even know what happened QB called hike time stopped and when I looked up Ronald Jones went Godspeed through our defense . I’m not sure if there was a earthquake or if we are in a Simualtuon because it seemed as if there was a massive delay in my players reaction.

Max- Well it sure was ugly to watch , Rumor is spreading that Ronald Jones was called in for an NFL Policy Drug Teat any thought on that ?

Guidou- YES! Matter of fact I do max . That Mafu*** Ronald Jones is a BAD boy . I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s on the juice . That couch in Tampa Bay has a history of giving his players the juice , and I’m not talking about that orange juice Max.

Max- On top of the earthquake like gameplay any thoughts on your quarterback performance from Jimmy G?

Guidou- Do I have thoughts on that bull****! Yeah he played like dog sh** he can’t throw a rock in a swimming pool. I was expecting a big game from him that Bucs defense is BBQ chicken I mean he threw at least 8 arrant passes 3 of which went for INTS . Who knows man they probably paid his a** to throw the d*** game. With that being said any NFL team out there searching for a QB , Jimmy G is on the block! Matter of fact this whole fu***** team is on the block ! Besides Kittle Kittle.

Max- Harsh words for your franchise QB and your team for that matter MegaBossGuidou. Do you think you’ll lose your team treating them in that manner?

Guidou- These are grown a** men Max! They make millions of dollars . I don’t give a d*** if there’s a earthquake, power outage etc... I expect my team to perform!

Max- Well that’s a unique way of approaching it , kind of like a Lavar Ball football coach.

Guidou- A Lavar Ball football coach ? Well Max your the Maury to Jerry Springer ma***** f*** off and have a nice day 

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